Saturday 19 December 2015

Chic Life | Wrapping Gifts for the Holidays!

Hey Dolls!

One of my favourite things about the holidays is getting to wrap all the presents! I love gift wrapping, I find it really quite satisfying when you get a perfectly sharp clean edge and when you are finished, it just looks amazing! 

The wrapping paper is the most important part in making the gifts look gorgeous. I like to stick to stripes or not too busy patterns. I got this role of wrapping paper form Chapters Indigo and think it is so adorable. If you look closely, you will see on the white stripes there are little bird foot tracks. How adorable is that! It is a subtle way to show how animals leave tracks in the snow without a too over the top print that screams the HOLIDAYS from a mile away. 

I like using clear scotch tape the non-dollar store variety as it is stickier and stays in place. I tried first wrapping the gifts using a cute silver washi tape; however, the washi tape would unstick and made things a little frustrating. 

The S'well water bottle was the toughest item to wrap by far out of all the gifts! The ends were concaved and it was a challenge trying to fold the wrapping paper in a flattering manner without creating too many creases. Luckily, most of friends will rip off the paper the moment I hand them their gift so I do not need to worry too much about them judging my terrible job! 

Since it is the holidays, I was a bad neighbour and went and picked some bits of pine branches off of my neighbours tree! I thought it was a fun festive tough to the wrap job hehe. Also, I used some brown card stock tags and hand lettered some cute sayings onto them. Nothing too fancy, but it is personal! 

BTW I really want to keep that Secret Gardens colouring book postcards for myself :( Ah the hardships of gift giving. 

Happy Wrapping!


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