Thursday 31 December 2015

Latte Moment | Instagram Best Nine of 2015

Morning Dolls!

If you do not follow me on instagram (@pinktealatte) already, then you should because you are missing out on my daily adventures! 

I think I began my Blog's Instagram mid summer 2015. Within these past months, I have made so many wonderful memories with my friends and families. But I also have had the pleasure of meeting so many of you! I think I really have garnered a greater appreciation for instagram as it helps chronicle all the special moments in your life. The world around us moves so quick that we sometimes fail to recognize all the exciting fun things we have done in the past. 

I thought I would jump on the bandwagon of the Best Nine of 2015 on my instagram as it highlights what YOU dolls LOVED! Needless to say, we all have a huge sweet tooth for cakes and delicious food! Not to mention, I think I have done a pretty good job at sharing my love for green tea lattes with all of you as it made the best nine! 

In total, I posted 203 pictures in 2015 and you guys gave over 15,000 hearts! WOW! I feel so grateful and thankful for all of the love each of you give me. It really does mean a great deal to me! I love reading all your comments and responding back to them. 

I hope to keep posting awesome pictures that you all will love! I also hope that my instagram has inspired you all to have more fun and enjoy the small things in life. As well, cake never hurt anyone ;) hehe 



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