Wednesday 23 December 2015

Savvy Student | Beat Boxing Day 2015!!!

Hey Dolls!

The official day for all shopaholics is vastly approaching as 2015 comes to a close, I am talking about Boxing Day! Many of us have been saving up and making mental notes on all the things we need... {okay more like want} ... so we can take advantage of the discounted prices this December 26th. Boxing day is a Saturday this year which might mean a bit of a crazier day as more people have the day off from work.

I thought I would put together a little list of TIPS to get the most out of this year's boxing day since you all loved my Aritzia Warehouse Sale TIPS so much! I am going to begin with some general tips and then talk about a few stores specifically {Sephora, Lush, Chapters Indigo, Victoria Secret, } and the items I am hoping to get a great deal on! 

•••Try on Sizes Prior To

You have a couple of days until boxing day and I highly suggest going in stores and trying on the clothing items you are wanting to grab. This way, you will not need to wait in the endless fitting room line and worry about missing out on deals at other stores. What I like to do is write down the sizes in a little notebook that I will have in my purse. Just pull it out, grab the items in the sizes that fit you and you are off to the cash register! As well, it just makes the whole experience far less stressful because you already know what you are grabbing and will not be stressing which size is better. 

This also will lend itself useful for my next TIP: 

•••Use the Internet!

We are lucky to live in a world where online shopping is at its easiest. Honestly, you can practically just sit in your bed sipping your morning latte as you plop a few things in your shopping cart and check out with a couple of clicks. No need to deal with crowds or the chaos that will sure to ensue in stores! How much easier and stress free can things get? Also, most stores will be offering free shipping during boxing day to lure in more potential buyers, so you will not even need to worry about having to pay for shipping! Double yay! 

One thing you can do if you unsure about sizing when purchasing online is order the same item in two sizes. Keep the one that fits and return the other. BUT be sure to check return and exchange policy at the store. Some stores like Aritzia, make sale items FINAL SALE. The good thing about being a loyal customer and getting to know the fabulous sales associates at stores means they will do you a favour and return or give your store credit regardless of the policy. 

•••Price Match

Many shops will price match within 14 days of purchase. If there is an item you really really really want, purchase it a week in advance. This will help put your mind at ease so you are not fretting over the item being sold out when you get to the shops on Boxing Day. This being said, generally larger companies and electronic stores do price match. I do not believe smaller boutiques and companies do. 

When I was shopping for my new Nikkor 50mm Lens, the sales associates at Broadway Camera suggested I purchase the lens now and come back boxing day to have it price matched. So please do check with the store if they do price match and if they will honour it on boxing day! 


Lush is infamous for not having products on sale. However, Lush makes an exception only for boxing day. I want to preface by saying only specific products are part of Lush's sale. I learned this last year when I went to the store with a list of items I was going to pick up, but was promptly disappointed. Lush uses boxing day as a way to clear out all of their holiday items and goodies. So this will include anything that was released for the holiday collection and if they have anything left over from hallowe'en. I was able to snag a few of those amazing pumpkin bath bombs from the sale last year! 

The sale: Buy One, Get One Free .... Continues until all of their sale products are sold. 

Please do pace yourself dolls! Since Lush products are made with natural ingredients, they expire within a year. Their Fresh Face masks expire within 2 weeks! Nothing is worse then having amazing products that you spent your hard earned money go into the trash :( It really breaks my heart. 

••• Sephora

Unlike other stores, Sephora's boxing day sale is limited to the day of December 26th, promptly ending when the clock strikes 12. The sale is online and indoors and it really is a good time to pick up splurge items. A lot of their gift sets will have huge discounts -- nearly 50% off. That is a huge! 

I do prefer shopping online for Sephora because you can choose some free samples and there are some other great codes on their website. For example, at this time if you make a purchase of $25, using the code MINKLASH will get you a free deluxe sample of benefit's They Are Real!  

••• Aritzia

Aritzia sells great clothes, but can be a little out of budget for many of us. They generally will have everything on sale for boxing day, but it expect only $5-$10 off an item. A few specific items will be discounted more. 

••• Victoria Secret

Expect some great deals on Bras and Underwear. I am hoping the underwear is 9 for $25! These are daily female necessities, so it is always nice when we can get a super nice Victoria Secret bra for a little cheaper. 

What I am Hoping To Pick Up!

I definitely have a huge amount of clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it, I probably have it. So I am not planning on going crazy during Boxing Day. Instead, I am going to grab some items that I use daily like shower products, skin care etc. 

From Sephora, I am going to be picking up the 1L bottle of Bumble & Bumble Gentle Shampoo. The 1L bottle is the best deal and on boxing day, there is always a bit of discount on it! BB problems am I right? Why do their hair products have to be so darn amazing?!?!

I will be grabbing some shower jellies and perhaps a couple of bath bombs from Lush. I am not picky on scents and colours so I am sure I find some that I like on sale. 

I have been wanting a pair of leather vans for far too long. I think I might just pick-up a pair from Nordstrom if there is a slight discount. 

SWEATERS! Okay, so I have a lot of sweaters, I know..... but Aritzia's merino wool sweaters are just so darn soft and cozy and I cannot help myself.... 

Lastly, going to hit up Victoria Secret to grab some underwear on the cheap. Its a daily necessity and a completely justified purchase!!!

Hope this helped dolls!


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