Saturday 5 December 2015

7 Lattes and Wishes | Holiday Gift Guide for your friends and family

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Hey Dolls!
This gift guide has been a long time coming. Just took a little longer then I had expected to get it up! I decided to combine my gift guides into one big post. That way I do not have several different posts on a gift guide for her, him or your dog lover and the list goes on and on and on as I am sure you have noticed from other bloggers. 

My goal was to choose a mixture of local/Canadian-based items as well as some items from bigger stores because not everyone would have access to the local items. As well, I am not a big "gag" gift giver. If I am going to give a gift to someone, I want them to be able to use it versus it just going directly into the trash or sitting in the corner harbouring dust. 

At the end of the day, you know the person best, so I have decided to go with a wide spectrum of items with varying price points! I hope my gift guide may even help inspire you towards something you did not realize your recipient may really want or love! 


Instead of doing a his and her guide, I combined it into one and tried to keep things a little unisexual. However, I am a girl so some of the items are a little more feminine. 

The A'hoy Goods crewneck is made local in North Vancouver is sold in A'hoy Goods shop in the gorgeous Deep Cove! A super soft cozy sweat shirt and it comes in both mens and women sizes so yay! Might be a fun "matching" piece for you and your sweetheart for when you spend days inside. 

Bag charms have been all the rage. The moment I spotted this Rebecca Minkoff one.... I kind of wanted it for myself! I would probably use it more as a keychain and the claw clip is great to just snap on to the inside of your bag so you do not spend a millennium rooting around for your keys. 

Know any craft beer fanatics? Do you rely on them to bring a growler of craft beer to your soirees? They will probably appreciate this ultra chic hand crafted in Vancouver Greff Growler carrier. Haha you can now turn your growler into an accessory! Plus makes it far easier to carry your growler. 

I realize a giant inflatable gold sawn pool floaty perhaps is a bit weird in the dead of winter, but IT IS JUST SO MAGNIFICENT! That is all I have to say :) 

Otto Textiles is a Vancouver-based company that makes some beautiful pieces. The zippered pouch can be used in infinite ways. I would also check out their lavender sachets pillows! They are so cute and smell even more fabulous! 

I had to include the blanket scarf from Aritzia on my gift guide because I really want it myself!!!! Any lucky lady would be thrilled to receive this as a present! It keeps you room and makes you look tres chic! 

I saved the best for last - Nocturnal Workshop's After Hours Backpack. It is chic, made from high quality materials and will make you feel safe during the dark hours. I take transit everywhere and with the sunsetting some times even before 4pm, I feel a little bit anxious that a driver may not see me when I am crossing the road. (I will be doing a full feature on Nocturnal Workshop in the weeks to come!!!) 

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Stocking Stuffers for HER

All the stocking stuffers are $25 dollars and under. I wanted to go a little silly for the stocking stuffers and make them fun, but for the most part, all the items are function-based except for Edmond the Pug - He is just cool like that. 

The Stathcona candle in the travel tin from Vancouver Candle Co will be greatly appreciated by your friends who are huge candle connoisseurs. As well Dry Bar's Lemon Drop hair brush is absolutely magical! I am obsessed with mine and how cute is its name - Lemon Drop! 

I think this forest critters eye-mask is adorable. Perfect for a friend who loves to travel. I need one whenever I am on an airplane. And they will probably love the emoji zipper pouch too! Cheeky yet cute! 

If they are ring lovers, they will appreciate the gold antler ring dish. It will keep all of their rings in one place. Speaking of rings - Giant Diamond Ring bottle opener. It all about doing the everyday things in style 

Lastly, Edmond the Pug. He waves and chills because he is just cool like that. Anyone who receives Edmond will feel like the luckiest person in the world! 

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Stocking Stuffers for HIM
Again, all items are under $25 and are functional versus gag gifts. 

Everyone needs a power bar with phone batteries these days only lasting mere couple of hours. I think this white marbled power bar is super chic and compact so he can carry it in his jean pocket. 

A tea lover is going to love this pipe tea infuser! It hangs off of the rim of the cup! GENIUS! Also, this beard comb is going to make your bearded friend the coolest guy on the block. Never again will they need to suffer from an unruly beard. 

Know a guy who loves his timberlands? Old Faithful Shop makes a pair of pretty rad thick socks. I just like socks okay--- My toes are chronically cold :( 

Card holder from Hershel is chic and will definitely be used. And if you know of a budding cocktail mixologist, they are going to love Cahoot's Lemon Simple Syrup. It is made right here in Vancouver! 

Lastly, every man needs Siracha on hand at any given moment of time. With this refillable mini Siracha bottle, all their food will always taste amazing. 

This is the end of my Gift Guides!!! I hope they gave you some gift ideas or inspired you! Let me know what you thought of my gift guide in the comments below!


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