Tuesday 26 September 2023

IDS Vancouver 2023 | An Exhibition of Beautiful Objects

For most September is synonymous with the start of school, but I relate September with IDS Vancouver. The Interior Design Show (IDS) Vancouver celebrates craftsmanship and creativity. There is an emphasis on being bold with colour, shape and materials. There is nothing "basic bitch" about IDS Vancouver. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find anything as boring as the Carrara marble or neutral white colour palette sofas. IDS Vancouver 2023 did not disappoint with its lineup of Canadian artisans, woodworkers, fabricators and designers. 

There were three Canadian Artisan brands which captivated me and I hope to someday own pieces by them. Man & Son Design (a lighting house), Le Tenon & La Mortaise (wood furniture), and Cory Michah Olsen (Stone nested wood objects).

The lighting fixture display by Man & Son Design was like a warm inviting hug which was hard not to be drawn to. Based out of Victoria, the female duo hand turns every piece of wood into gorgeous shapes for their various lighting fixtures. Their pieces are made from reclaimed wood making each grain and colour unique. They offer pendant lights, sconces and desk lamps.

I have deep love and admiration for black American walnut wood, so you know I made I mad dash to Le Tenon & La Mortaise when I saw their pieces made from my favourite wood! There is just something about functional furniture blended with design that excites me and Le Tenon & La Mortaise achieved just that with the Aube table. It is a functional side table, but also doubles as a little chair and has a beautiful unique design. 

One of my favourites, but also one of the most difficult to articulate through words are the pieces by Cory Michah Olsen. You need to interact with the work to understand the immense gratification that "Tree Rock Robot Series" brings. Stones sourced from the Pacific Northwest were 3D imaged and the scan was then used to CNC mill wood trays. The stone perfectly nestles into the tray. It really is a tactile experience! This particular series by Cory Michah Olsen was my favourite. 

I was also impressed by the extravagant and unique floral arrangements. I really enjoyed the different textures, lengths and drama. One of the designers had an "anti-gravity" arrangement that was hanging from a light above a table. 

Montauk Sofa's display was so fun! The picked one pattern and covered the floor, walls and furniture with that fabric. It was a warm white with brown mushroom like shapes. From afar, it gives me giraffe vibes. 

Another fun sofa display was Ligne Roset's Togo Sofa in celebration of 50 years! They went with a fabulous yellow corduroy fabric which gave me major nostalgia of the 90's when I had corduroy pants as a kid! 

Other favourites for me included the giant cardboard T-Rex, giant cork mushrooms, and the many mid-century modern lounge chairs. I want one of those chairs so badly. I fell in love with a version I saw that had these leather belts on the back. There was a massive tree sculpture that is exactly what it sounds like. The artist took a tree and sculpted certain areas to give it an organic lifelike feel, but still kept the overall shape and tree bark. It gave me Thing from The Addams Family which I am not about it. 

I am already looking forward to 2024 because IDS Vancouver only gets better with time!




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