Wednesday 15 June 2016

Gurly's Life | My UBC Convocation for my Bachelors of Science

Special 100th graduating class degree covers, tassel and keepsake!
Hi Dolls, 

After five years of countless lectures, late night study sessions and adrenaline pumping 11:59pm online assignment submissions, I have completed my undergrad journey at UBC. This past week, I walked across Chan Center's stage and shook hands with UBC's Chancellor and the Dean of my faculty and received my degree! 

It is a moment I will remember for life. I was all smiles during and after the ceremony and just could not stop smiling. I am proud of myself to have completed my degree at one of the most toughest and prestigious universities in the world. It is a huge honour to join my fellow UBC alumni. Furthermore, it is a true honour to be a part of the 100th graduating class from UBC --> The first graduating class was Thursday May 4th, 1916! The evening was even more special since I got to graduate with one of my best friends since I have known since high school. 
Haha I look so awkward in this picture, but it was pretty overwhelming knowing I would be receiving my degree in just a few hours! It is pretty insane! Also, I approve of the fresh florals and greens UBC crest!
Now for the most important part, what did I wear? Hehe I wore a pleated halter neckline royal blue shift dress from Guess. I know right, Guess?! After scouring the boutiques on Robson street and the shops in Gastown, I was having no luck. The dresses were either far too summer relaxed or more for a night out. I also did not want to wear a strapless or spaghetti-strapped dress. Literally at that point I was going to wear one of the dresses I already own when I stumbled into Guess and spotted this dress in the most gorgeous cobalt blue! 

This dress was everything I was looking for! Something summery, flirtatious while remaining elegant! As well, UBC's colours is a rich cobalt blue and gold, so I needed to channel my inner thunderbird and wear an outfit that gives a nod to my varsity background. Haha needless to say - I found the dress! It was flirty and fun with its flowy material, but still gave off elegance with its strong neckline and solid deep cobalt blue hue. The best part, it was under my budget!

One of my closest friends through out high school and university!!
In a funny way, it was like things were coming full circle. I actually purchased my high school graduation dress from Marciano by Guess. It was a full length chiffon silk dress with a watercolour pink floral abstract print with a  sweetheart neckline. 

I paired the dres with a pair of patent leather nude heels with a stacked wooden heel from Michael Kors and accessorized with simple silver stack rings. Keeping it simple, I wore my pearl studs and hid my signature gold necklaces under the neckline of the dress. 

I had my hair done at the University Barbershop, but this time, it was the fabulous Maria who gave me my signature sharp bob! My nails were done by Andrea at Poise Nail Salon, Yaletown location. Makeup was done by MOI! I am by no means a beauty guru, but I am lucky to have pretty good skin and blessed with big brown eyes, so I do not need full coverage or intricate eye makeup. 

This day was not just a big moment for the graduating class, but also for Vikram Vij as he was awarded an honorary UBC degree for the positive impact he has had in the Vancouver community. 
The only downside was probably the fact that my family managed to take the most godawful pictures of me possible. No one told me to fix my bangs because the cap had made them all messed up. Every single pictures is CROOKED.... like how?!?! Oh, and for some odd reason, they thought pictures taken from below would be flattering.. hellooo double chin! And can someone tell me why you would take a picture from so far away that you cannot even see my face?! You cannot even tell it is me. I even gave them my Nikon DSLR and had it all set up for them. Haha the worst part, I actually cried that night when I saw the pictures. I could not help it, photography is a hobby of mine and I look horrendous in every single picture :(    Seriously contemplating going back out there and getting a friend of mine to take pictures of me. Hold a little improptu graduation photo session haha [perfectionist alert] 

So the previous paragraph should explain as to why you will not be bombarded with any of my convocation pictures. 

Some tips for those graduating in the future:
• Do bring some bobbi pins because the cap tends to slide off. My cap actually fell off while I was shaking hands with my Dean. 
• Go for comfortable heels if you are graduating from UBC. The alumni centre where the reception takes place is trek from Chan Centre as well where we are organized into our lines and given our gowns and caps is pretty far from Chan Centre too. Needless to say, I was at the point of kicking off my pumps because they had given me painful blisters on both of my feet. 
• Bring safety pins. They did provide pins, but since the hood is pretty heavy and traditionally sits off your shoulders, the hood tends to constantly fall out of place. I probably re-pinned the hood around 7 times. 

UBC 100
Though I have earned my Bachelors Degree in Sciences, I feel I have lots more to still learn. 
I also want to pursue a Masters degree; therefore, I am currently in the process of getting myself set up to apply. 

Alongside my graduating class, Vikram Vij was awarded an honorary degree from UBC for his positive work and impact within the Vancouver community. In his speech, he stated he dropped out of university part way through and his mum was disappointed. But after all these years, he has finally earned a university degree. However more importantly, I want to stress that the piece of paper I was given does not define me as a person nor makes me a better person. It is always going to be my actions and how I impact those around me is what really makes me the person I am. And I think Vikram Vij really conveyed this to all of us. He did not need a degree to be the positive community figure he is. 

Congratulations to the 100th graduating class of UBC. The 2016 year will always be remembered as the Centarians! Oh, and did I tell you we got "special" degree covers, tassels and a small keepsake to remind us that we are UBC 100! Hehe that was definitely cool! It is a small polished granite rock engraved with UBC 100. 


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  1. Congrats girly! I graduated at UBC :) I hope you have an amazing summer!