Monday 11 July 2016

Edible Obsession | Beta 5 Blueberry Lemon Ice Cream Sundae

Hey Dolls!

This past weekend's Sundae Social was a fabulous pairing of sweet BC blueberries and tart refreshing  lemons. The Blueberry Lemon Ice Cream Sundae is a scoop of blueberry buttermilk and a scoop of lemon infused ice cream topped with lemon curd filled doughnut holes, rich blueberry jam and their signature creamy chantilly cream. 

Loved the presentation of this sundae! The deep purple blues from the blueberries were a fabulous juxtaposition against the white tones of the chantilly cream and lemon infused ice cream. 

This is probably the first Beta 5 Sundae where I felt the flavour pairings did not work well together. Unfortunately, the strong citrus lemon completely overpowered the sweet blueberry. I thought since the lemon was an ice-cream and not a sorbet, it would be a milder flavour, but I was mistaken. The lemon was very strong and I am not sure how to say it, but like it was not even a pleasant lemon flavour. I think the lemon ice cream needed to be sweeter to balance the sharpness from the lemons. 

I was really excited for the lemon curd filled doughnut holes. I have had lemon curd mini doughnuts from the Mini Doughnut Outpost and they were delicious! Ah, Beta 5, you need to revisit your lemon curd recipe because it was really tart and far too lemony! 

The blueberry ice cream was delicious and so was the blue berry jam. Unfortunately, once I had the lemon ice cream, it completely overwhelmed my palate and I could only taste lemon and none of the blueberry anymore. 

Though this sundae was not my favourite from Beta 5, I am super duper excited for what they come up for this coming up weekend. Fingers crossed for some fresh strawberry sorbet! Or MANGO SORBET!!!! Okay, clearly I just want some delicious fresh fruit sorbet hehe. 


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