Tuesday 25 September 2018

Final Morning in LA Exploring Silverlake | LA Day 8

It is my final day in LA and with my flight scheduled for late afternoon, I only have part of a day left to explore. LA is brimming with brunch prospects, but I had my mind set on a cute little hip establishment called Sqirl. For a Friday morning, I was not expecting such a long lineup for this Silverlake Breakfast and Lunch spot. We probably waited well over 30 minutes. 

What better time to spoil yourself with bougie-priced breakfast then when you are on vacation right? Do not lie, you have all looked at a breakfast/brunch menu and asked yourself, "who on earth pays $14 for a granola and yogurt?!"

Well I did, oh Yes I did! Because I love granola and yogurt and wanted my last breakfast in Los Angeles to be memorable! Their Granola is made with organic oats, maple, coconut sugar, cinnamon, cardamom & seeds that blanketed the tangy in-house made yogurt. And since I was already being extra, I opted for the additional fresh fruit. Fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and sliced apple brought a delightful pop of colour as well as flavour to the dish. I personally have never been much of a blueberry person which is shocking considering I hail from the lands of blueberries the province of British Columbia in Canada. However, oddly enough, the blueberries being sliced in half looked beautiful and perhaps that is why I found them to taste amazing. Guess the age old saying that we eat with our eyes first definitely played a role in me liking the blueberries. 

The Sorrel Pesto Rice was an aromatic dish that teased both my tastebuds and my nose. On a bed of Kukohu rose brown rice and nut free sorrel pesto was a lacto-fermented hot sauce, watermelon radish, french sheep feta, a soft poached egg and a thick-cut of crispy bacon. The most important underlying ingredient had to be the preserved meyer lemon as it just really brightened up the dish. 

Now I was not about to leave Sqirl without trying their Famed Ricotta Toast. A thick slice of Brioche toast is given a generous smear of fresh house made ricotta cheese. We had a choice of three of Sqirl's jams: Cara Cara Hibiscus, Seascape Strawberry and Blueberry Rhubarb. We went with the latter three which made for a beautiful red and deep purple coloured toast. The ricotta is extremely fresh and has a lovely milkiness. The jams were wonderfully fruity and I deeply regret not bringing home a few jars. 

If I were to compare Sqirl to a Vancouver food outlet, it would be a mix between Birds & The Beets, Le Marche St. George and The Gardens Strathcona. They all have a smilier atmosphere and focus on simple dishes made with fresh quality ingredients. But Sqirl is far busier and a greater emphasis on food rather than coffee - though they still make a divine iced coffee!  

After satisfying my hunger pangs at Sqirl, we Ubered it back to our Air BnB to pack. Our Air BnB was a few blocks from Sunset Boulevard, Silverlake's central hub of hip shops and cafes. So with our suitcases in tow, we spent our last hour in LA exploring Silverlake's best offerings. I did not get to check out too many shops, but there is a great mix of home decor, stationary and clothing. I also stumbled across The Social Type's studio. The walls were lined with greeting cards and the tables were filled with swoon worthy goodies like foiled matchstick boxes and pretty pencils. 

Alas, the time had come for me to bid adieu to Los Angeles. Over my 8 days in LA, I was able to go on some amazing adventures and they are going to be some of my most fondest memories. I will 100% be returning to LA and though I do not know when it will happen, it will most likely be in the next few years. The flights from YVR to LAX are astonishingly affordable, so all I need is a travel buddy. If you have any questions about planning a trip to LA, feel free to leave them in the comments below! 

Thank you for following along with me on my trip to Los Angeles. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved my time there. 


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