Sunday 13 January 2019

2018 Year in Review #2018BestNine

2018 is already old news, but before I dive into my adventures of 2019, this is a look back at the fun I had last year. 2018 Best Nine has put @PinkTeaLatte Instagram account through its algorithm and it looks like you love sweets and colour as much as I do! 

The rainbow is well represented and so is my obsession with sweet baked goods and hot cocoa. Prominently centred in the middle is the cutest pink Unicorn-themed hot chocolate from Soirrette. How fitting considering my blog has the colour pink in it! 

Beverages were a big part of 2018 for me and not limited to the three in the #2018TopNine. The pink unicorn might be cute, but True Confections' Torched Devil Hot Chocolate was badass! A massive slice of their rich dark chocolate devil's food cake sat on top of the gorgeously toasted meringue and to finish, another generous swirl of meringue. There is something about piped meringue torched to a caramel brown. It just accentuates the sexy folds and ridges of the pillowy white marshmallowy goodness. Top right you will see a particularly fascinating drink, a Pink Tea Latte! Prado Cafe allowed me to celebrate my blog's third birthday at their Fraser location and to my surprise, they featured a beet Pink Tea Latte!

The only savoury item to make it into the #2018TopNine are the salmon crab cakes from Wedgewood Hotel's restaurant Bacchus. I got to go not once, but TWICE for a private tasting at Bacchus in 2018. However, I was more fascinated by their drinks, specifically Singapore Sling because the garnish for the drink is two strawberries carefully carved into luscious red roses. 

My favourite Beta 5 cream puffs seemed to have made the cut. The Mandarin Cream Puff make their annual appearance for Lunar New Years. The puff shells are filled with a mandarin orange curd that encases an almond financier. Rice pudding mousse domes the puff that is then given the perfect mandarin orange colour and a chocolate stem and leaf for garnish! 

On the other end are Noms By Mon's mini fruit tartlets which are made entirely from scratch, from the shell to the silky custard inside it. I have yet to meet a single person who has not fallen in love with these fresh fruit tartlets. Just below is Butter Baked Good's iconic Birthday Cake that is flecked with sprinkles all throughout in the vanilla sponge and vanilla buttercream! 

Speaking of rainbows, my all-time favourite mural in Vancouver along South Granville is the final picture. I saw this mural being painted a few summers back and since then it has become an integral part of Vancouver's urban art scene. I only hope to own a piece of Kristofir's work. Great art incites emotion and this mural brings me pure joy. 

2018 was a great year despite its rocky ending for me. I am glad it is over because now I can start making 2019 the best year yet! 


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