Saturday 16 March 2019

Happy 4th Birthday BLOG!

Happy 4th Birthday to my Blog! After a rough third year filled with setbacks, constantly being sick and switching jobs, I never expected to make it to year four. I am glad that I hung in there. Even though I wish I was able to put out more content, I am glad I focused more on the quality, so the small number of posts I did, I was really happy with them!

Going into my fourth year as a part-time hobbyist blogger, it is my hope that I am able to increase the frequency of posts. My ideal goal would be to post twice a week, but it is going to be a challenge as I actually do have a full-time job and attend school part-time. 

I really wanted to throw a big birthday party for Pink Tea Latte's 4th Birthday, but alas, I have been run down with the most brutal viral imaginable. So party planning was out of the question. Perhaps I will do a little something in the summer when Vancouver is finally sunny and beautiful. Stay tuned for that! 

In the meantime, I still had to celebrate this big milestone somehow, so I decided to bake a giant cookie cake! I have been seeing these cookie creations all over Instagram and even considered getting one for my 25th birthday. They are so freaking cute! 

I went with a simple sugar cookie from which I cut the letters and giant four freehand. Aside from a couple of wonky letters, my freehand cutting was pretty darn good. The top of the cookie is frosted with a fresh whip cream that I lightly sweetened with icing sugar. I used a big round tip to do the big dollops and then went in with a star tip to add some more texture. I wanted to keep the decorations simple. Obviously fresh strawberries and raspberries because they are my favourite fruits to use in desserts. I also used chocolate crisp pearls which are madly addictive. The crisp pearls are cereal covered in chocolate. If you live in Vancouver, you can get them from The Lazy Gourmet which is basically the best cookware and artisanal ingredient store ever! Now a Pink Tea Latte cake would not be complete without a touch of pink which is where the sprinkles come into play! And since I love yellow gold, you know I could not resist adding a little bling with gold balls. 

Thank you for always supporting my little blog! 


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