Sunday 12 May 2019

Last Minute Mother's Day Brunch & Treats in Vancouver

Mother's Day completely snuck up on me and perhaps you too are in the same situation as me! There are a lot of special Mother's Day Brunches and set menu dinners, but they often are really crowded. Also, I have never been a fan of buffets. The food quality is never as good as a la carte since the kitchen staff is overwhelmed with pumping out large quantities of food, so the quality suffers. 

This is a quick list of my own personal recommendations of where to take your Mum for a memorable Mother's Day 2019! The list is partial to brunch and sweets because hello Sunday Brunch is a classic and what woman does not love a sweet pastry. 

This is the restaurant I have settled on to take my own Mum to for a Mother's Day brunch. I love the space. The Settlement building is spacious with high ceilings and a wall of oak barrels dividing the restaurant from the winery. The food is scrumptious and their menu is diverse, so there are many options for vegetarians and sweet tooths alike! 

Despite only being in Vancouver for a few short years, this beloved island breakfast joint has stolen our hearts. I am certain there is going to be a massive lineup of 45 + minutes, but it is another excuse to spend time with your mum and build memories. Plus the mouthwatering oversized breakfast foods is totally worth the ridiculous wait times. My recommendation: The Loney Piggy and Red Velvet Pancakes! 

In the heart of downtown Vancouver is my absolute favourite French patisserie and chocolate boutique. Everything at Theirry is made from scratch throughout the day right up until closing time! I am obsessed with their macarons, madeleines and desserts. If they have the Mango Tart, get it!

Personally, I have never been to Temper Pastry, but I have only heard nothing but good things about them. They are situated out in West Vancouver which is the primary reason I have not been, but if you are on the North Shore, I think they are worth checking out. They have a decadent Fresh Raspberry Chocolate Tart on their menu for Spring which looks absolutely divine! 

For any special occasion or basically any excuse really, I go to Savio Volpe. I have been to Savio Volpe on a few separate occasions and each time, the food has been exquisite. The menu changes daily, but the only downside is that Savio Volpe only does dinner. Reservations are highly recommended and they are probably full for mother's day, but it is still worth a try! 

Denny's might seem a bit boring, but I have so many amazing memories with my mum and family there. We have shared so many laughs over Grand Slams and late-night pancakes. Sometimes fancy is overrated and the simple things are best! Perhaps there is a restaurant that holds similar meaning to you and your mum! 

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful Mum's! 


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