Thursday 1 August 2019

Vancouver's Hidden Lounge: Key Party

Local restauranteur Rachel Zottenberg, recently named one of Western Living's 2019 Foodies of the Year, is bring some much-needed excitement and thrills to Vancouver. Let's face it, Vancouver has a bit of a "no fun" reputation and a non-existent nightlife. The half-block on Granville Street basically sums it up! Sure, bubble tea and chic hipster cafes are yummy, but sometimes I just crave something more thrilling than the newest insta-worthy latte. 

Key Party is the newest addition to Zottenberg's already impressive portfolio of restaurants and lounges. Hidden behind the facade of Zottenberg & Son's Accounting is the most bougiee 1970's inspired cocktail lounge in Vancouver. Do not let the dusty facade of the boring accounting office that has been plucked straight from 70's fool you because the two spaces could not be more of a juxtaposition of one another! 

The under the radar lounge has no signage, so only those "in the know" actually know about it, but despite being incognito, Key Party is filled with patrons sipping cocktails. The lounge is gorgeous. Thick red velvet drapes cover the walls and flank a massive hand-painted mural of a woman trying to look demure while she casually drapes her naked body over a tiger. In the background, two other red-haired women are also nonchalantly hanging out in the nude and completely unfazed by the giant wild cat. If not for anything else, just go for the naked ladies in the mural! I also loved the Himalayan salt votives that covered the space making for a delightful glow and cozy atmosphere. Not to mention the crystal cut barware was stunning so no matter the drink, you are going to feel special sipping from those glasses. Even the spouted pitcher used for mixing cocktails was crystal! Definitely made me feel like I was at an opulent Great Gatsby party. 

The interior is a throwback to retro vintage vegas vibes. For atmosphere, I wanted to create a space where people could relax and meet new people. A place where you can just let go and have a good time.  
                                                                                          Rachel Zottenberg, Co-Owner of Key Party

Key Party has a phenomenal lineup of re-imagined classics as well as their own creations, but aside from the yummy drinks, Key Party has added tableside s'mores! Because who does not love an ooey-gooey freshly toasted marshmallow sandwiched between graham cookies and a piece of chocolate. Table-top mini sterno fires come with each other, so you got to roast your marshmallow on a pocky stick to your liking. I love toasting my mallows until they are a little blackened so they are crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Sandwich your roasted marshmallow with Nutella - in an adorable mini jar - between house-made wheat germ graham crackers infused with Grand Marnier. Late-night summer dessert just got so much more fun as an adult! 

Not everyone is sweets obsessed like me, so for those who are a little more liquor-inclined, Key Party's cocktail roster will surely peek your interest. Their cocktails are top-notch and feature cheeky names like 'Bee On Your Knees' and 'S&M.'The Coconut GrassHopper is an iconic beverage that may resemble a shamrock shake, but is actually concocted with coconut cream, creme de menthe and cacao. The use of coconut milk makes the Coconut Grass Hopper vegan-friendly. For something more fruity, The Bruised Peach Punch is layered with flavour featuring Lot 40 Whiskey, organic peach puree, mint, cardamom bitters and soda. 

My favourite boozy beverage of the night was not actually drinkable because it was the Kir Royal Jell-O Shot! Probably the most beautiful and sophisticated Jell-O Shot that I have ever seen. It is a layered shot of champagne and a rich maroon layer of absolut vodka and cassis. A swirl of whipped cream with rainbow sprinkles finish off the Kir Royal Jell-O Shot. 

Thank you Rachel for opening a secret lounge with a fake storefront! For your next place, PLEASE put in a door that has a sliding slot through which someone asks for a password! That would be so bloody cool! 


Disclaimer: Media Invite.  All opinions and content are original and my own.

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