Wednesday 7 October 2020

Brunch in Fort Langley at Sabà Cafe

Brunch is a social-phenomenon that that has steadily grown in popularity. What once may have started as a late breakfast or early lunch is now its very own meal category. Now brunch is my favourite meal of the day, so any Sunday adventure of mine has to include brunch. For this brunch, I made a reservation at Sabà Cafe + Bistro

Sabà Cafe + Bistro: family-owned, made from scratch, pastries, rustic, terrace, seasonal, local

There are so many aspects of Sabà Cafe that resonated with me so I had to give them a visit. We were seated at a little table in the courtyard which by the way was gorgeous! I can just imagine dining under the stars on a warm summer's evening. If you visit Sabà Cafe you will understand what I am imagining in my head. It reminds me of a special night I had in California in Venice Beach at C&O Trattoria - unfortunately, I did not take any pictures there that night because it was late and I was tired. 
The bartender made me refreshing mocktail of strawberry, lime, soda and thyme which paired with my filling breakfast of Shakshuka. A rich concoction of fire-charred peppers and tomatoes with caramelized onions and two eggs arrives sizzling hot to your table in a cast-iron skillet. The shakshuka is garnished with salty Kalamata olives and even saltier feta and slices of chargrilled sourdough which I immediately smothered in Sabà's house preserve. 

Across the table from my, Shakshuka was my friend's Braised Short Rib Hash which too came steaming hot in a skillet. While the Shakshuka was sweet and acidic, the slow-braised beef short ribs with crispy smashed potatoes were meaty and savoury. Furthering the umami flavour were wild mushrooms, smoked cheddar to complete two sunnyside eggs and more of that lovely sourdough toast. 

Returning for more Sabà Cafe + Bistro? YES



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