Sunday 28 November 2021

Weird and Wonderful Wishlist 2021 Holidays

This is my Weird & Wonderful Wishlist and it features amazing local Vancouver brands and shops. It is my goal to support more slow fashion and smaller independent shops. My list does include bigger global brands, but the majority of the items can be purchased locally in Vancouver from local boutiques. 

I know not everyone lives in Vancouver, so I am also going to include links through which you can purchase the pieces internationally. Hopefully if you are local you are able to pop into one of my favourite shops and pick it up in person! Perhaps we will bump into one another there! 

The Butter Ornament

I will be the first to admit that I LOVE butter. Without butter, my favourite desserts and pastries would not be the same. The hand blown glass ornament depicts the typical 4 oz American Butter stick and is the perfect shade of creamy buttery yellow. 

Local: Gatley or The Cross Designs 

Online: Amazon

Anian - sustainable wool clothing

Tucked along West 4th on Kitsilano is Aninan, a sustainable wool clothing brand. Anian's focus is to use recycled wool in their garments. The finished pieces are well built with classic silhouettes that will sure to be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. Their button up shirts are widely loved and come in an area of colours and plaids. If you go up a size, you can definitely use it as a "Shacket" because their weave of the wool is thick. 

Local & Online: Anian 

Cat Bird Jewelry - Cannoli Charm

I have been obsessing over Catbird's Cannoli Charm for nearly two years! Catbird is a New York City based fine jewelry shop that carries an array of designers, but also has their own in house Catbird line. The Cannoli charm is part of their charm collection which includes so many other cute tiny motifs like keys, a spider, and kitten mask. However, the cannoli is my favourite because I love the pistachio cannolis from Cannoli King in Vancouver and so I must commemorate one of my Italian pastries with a 14 karat 100% recycled gold charm that has two pearls as the "ricotta filling."

Online: Catbird NYC

Cadine - Natural Leather Table Mat

Located in the Cambie Village, Cadine is a stunning lifestyle shop with a focus on simplistic pieces using natural materials. Their leather table mats are great for protecting wood surfaces from damage and are dyed naturally using chestnut and mimosa tree bark extract. The leather mat patinas over time into a warm caramel tone. Cadine has it in two sizes, a smaller 11.5" x 15.5" is great for a laptop or writing surface. For more coverage, the 18" x 25" large size would be perfect. 

Local & Online: Cadine

Bocci Table Light

When it comes to lighting in Vancouver, Bocci is leading the way with their hand blown glass pieces. The piece I really want is from the 28t collection, the table light. There are 25 colours to pick from. The light can either be kept on a table or mounted to the wall. 

Local & Online: Bocci

Impala - Roller Skates

Impala makes the classic four wheeled skates in fun bright colours. It is so tough to decide, but I think the bubblegum blue and pink hued skates are super cute. Hoping to live out my 70's dreams of skating down a boardwalk on a hot sunny day. 

Online: Amazon

Le Bonnet Beanie  - Bubblegum - Vincent Park

Recently Vincent Park had to make the decision to close their brick & mortar location and go completely online. They carry an array of designers with a focus on quality pieces. Le Bonnet is a brand that only uses natural textiles; therefore, all of their items are 100% biodegradable. Another fun fact, Le Bonnet's factory is 170 years old, making it one of the oldest factories in the UK. Le Bonnet's beanie is made of lambswool and comes in 40 colours! 

Online: Vincent Park.

Loopy Mango - All You Knit Kit: My First Hat 

A few years back I had picked up a knitting kit by Loopy Mango. I partially finished the piece and then forgot about it. Cadine is stocked up on Loopy Mango's pink Knit Kit - My First hat. Perhaps this time I will finish my little knitting project. 

Local: Cadine

Online: Amazon

Jo and June - Handmade Wood Peace Sign Hand

I discovered Jo and June Vintage during one of my many mindless scrolling on Instagram. Its a shop located in Oklahoma. The handmade wood peace sign hand is so pretty and would be an amazing piece of decor. Jo and June also sells a handmade glass water hanging rainbow prism. When sunlight shines through the piece, a rainbow is projected! Instant rainbow, love it. 

Online: Jo and June Vintage

Claus - Mini Rosebud Signet Ring

Erin Claus is another New York jewelry designer who uses recycled metals and conflict free stones. The mini engraved signet rings are gorgeous. Made with solid gold, there is lilac, sunflowers and my personal favourite, an engraved rose. 

Online: Claus Jewelry

Odd Society - Spirits Creme de Cassis

Odd Society Spirits is a small-batch distillery in Vancouver. They distill a variety of spirits, but it is their Creme de Cassis that I keep hearing about. Several Vancouver restaurants and businesses use the creme de cassis in cocktails, cooking and baking. 

Local & Online: Odd Society Spirits

Nikben - Lemoncello Bathing Suit

The thick vertical stripes on this bathing suit gives a slimming effect, but what I really love about it are the oversized yellow lemons! Aptly named Lemoncello, the bathing suit is by Nikben and is carried by several local shops including Eugene Choo and The Block. Sadly they do not have my size right now, but I have been assured more sizes will be coming in the spring!

Gatley - Ruby Dress

I am always looking for comfort and nothing is more comfortable than a sweatshirt. Gatley is currently carrying the Ruby dress which has all the comforts of a sweatshirt. I just cannot decide if I want it in the grey or the dusty rose? I feel like the grey is cuter. 

Local: Gatley

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