Sunday 1 May 2022

Birdie a Non-Violent Personal Safety Device

Being a petite female living in a big city, there are times that I feel unsafe. I am an avid transit user, both early morning and late nights and there have been instances where I have felt uncomfortable. I have finally picked up a personal protective device, the Birdie and I am excited to share it with you!

In Canada, there are laws prohibiting possession or use of pepper sprays or mace for personal protection. Truth be told, I do not want to have something like mace on my keychain because imagine accidentally spraying it into your own or friend's eyes. I do not want to be the idiot in the ER with inflamed painful mucus membranes and eyes because I sprayed myself with pepper spray. 

When I heard about Birdie, I was immediately intrigued. It is a non-violent personal safety device that is meant to distract and startle attackers versus inflicting harm. It is simple to use. Lightweight. I do wish the Birdie was shorter in length. It is 1.5x the length of my car key fob. So the size is my only complaint. 

Pull the pin = loud 130 db siren & bright flashing light

You can get the birdie in lots of colours like lavender, coral, black, yellow, I chose aqua blue. The birdie comes with a stylish brass keychain, but I chose to remove it and simply put it onto my key lanyard. I found the Birdie at The Hills Dry Goods, a clothing boutique in Vancouver. 

Let me know in the comments if you carry anything with you for protection?


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