Wednesday 17 August 2022

Brunch at Catch 122 Gastown

Vancouver's food scene is constantly evolving with the addition of new restaurants and closures of familiar favourites. With no shortage of exciting new menus to try, it can be tough to circle back to the restaurants I have dined at. It has been years since I have had a meal at Catch 122, so I am glad that I stumbled back into this Gastown brunch favourite. 

There was already a lengthy waitlist for brunch that morning at Catch 122, but when it comes to good food, I never mind the wait. Considering the fickle food scene in Vancouver, the fact Catch 122 has kept itself relevant for nearly a decade - they opened in 2012 - is commendable and only further speaks to how tasty their food is. 

The Chorizo Breakfast Sandwich was a flavour bomb between the fluffy house-made potato bun. I am a sausage patty person for my breakfast sandwiches, so I could not pass up on the house-made chorizo patty which had that perfect ratio of savoury to salty. The hashbrown in the sandwich was a total pro move because everyone does it anyways. The sandwich also had three types of sauces, an apple slaw, melted smoked cheddar and a fried egg. Needless to say, this is a messy and saucy breakfast sandwich and ultimately a little too busy. I am still partial to Maxine's take on the sausage breakfast sandwich. 

The Cornflakes Crusted Hazelnut Babka French Toast is only available on weekends and has been praised by many. I will add my approval to the list because this French Toast deserves to be tried. First of all, chocolate Nutella babka as the bread is pure genius. The cornflakes coating added a satisfying crunchy texture to the soft gooey chocolate hazelnutty interior. The dish had several garnishes like an espresso crémeux, caramelized bourbon bananas, crushed candied almonds, mixed berry gel, rosemary maple syrup and lots of fresh berries. I am a big fan of fresh fruit, particularly berries are my favourite, plus it helps offset the richness of the dish.

The Smashed Fried Potatoes was a great dish to share with the table. The potatoes had been pressed down to give them crispy edges. A sprinkling of parmesan cheese and a drizzle of smoked aioli garnished the fried potatoes. Great flavour and texture. 

Catch 122 had a great energy. I love dining at restaurants that are full of dining patrons as it makes for a more fun experience. Catch 122 also has a great a selection of fancy pastries including various filled croissants. It was hard not to be tempted by the pastry case, but I was able to resist. 

My main critique of Catch 122 would be the dishes are complex to their own detriment. Both the breakfast sandwich and french toast had so many components. The french toast could not decide if it wanted to be chocolate nuts or banana bourbon or berry forward. I always say there is beauty in simplicity. 


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