Friday 7 April 2023

The Body Shop Metrotown Changemakers' Workshop

The Body Shop is leading the conversation of sustainability, ethically sourced ingredients and waste reduction with its Changemakers' Workshop concept stores. The Metrotown Burnaby location has recently reopened as the newest Changemakers' Workshop concept shop. I had the opportunity for a 1 on 1 tour to learn more about the space and its products. 

I had no idea what a "Concept Store" was, so I turned to Google for answers: a selection of products, services and experiences encompassing a concept. My guess was a model store for what future retail spaces would look like, but eh, this is why we have Google! The Changemakers' Workshop concept stores are a space to foster a relationship with the community it serves in addition to continuing to educate consumers on sustainability. The Body Shop Burnaby team partnered with local eco-organization, PECO and together created an original piece of art from collected trash and empty product containers. 

Materials that were destined for the landfill were reclaimed and used for the store fixtures like wooden countertops to aluminum shelving brackets and units. A large sink basin with three copper taps invites guests to interact with the product. For me, sinks are such a must in beauty stores because while most are drawn to scents and packaging, I want to actually feel, touch and use the products. Also, I hate trying multiple products on my hand without rinsing in between because you are mixing up the formulas! Needless to say, YES to the large focal sink! 

Throughout my preteen years, I was obsessed with The Body Shop Shea Body Butter. I have since discovered The Body Shop has so many more incredible products. Their makeup line includes refillable lipsticks of which the components can be completely recycled. In 2021, The Body Shop launched its refill stations at which the recyclable aluminum bottles can be filled with shampoo and conditioner as well as shower gels and hand washes. I adore the Ginger haircare line and the Almond Milk & Honey and Pink Grapefruit shower gel! Refills range from $12 to $14 and $3 for the reusable bottle. My favourite part about the refill station is the cute stickers you can use to decorate your aluminum bottles. Badass Booty sticker anyone? 

I picked up several products to test out including lipstick, perfume, hand cream, body wash and breathe balm. I was also gifted a limited edition tote bag featuring a beautiful poem by body positivity influencer Kenzie Breanna. I also love that The Body Shop connected with another local maker, The Market Bags. The company stitches and screen print their bags in Okanogan, BC! 

I loved discovering The Body Shop's skincare and sustainability initiatives, but the best part of the evening was learning Michelle aka @bodyposipower, recently purchased one of my suncatchers! I have always said my favourite part about being a blogger - and now a tiny business owner - is connecting with the community. In a funny way, this has come full circle because The Body Shop Concept Store doing just that too!

On a side note, I am so frustrated with the Google Blogger platform. No matter what I do, Google Blogger is compressing them turning a beautiful picture into a blurry mess. Google Blogger never had this issue until a few months ago. I am currently in the process of learning about WordPress and how I can switch my content from Google Blogger to WordPress. 


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