About Me

My Name is Gurleen or as my friends like to call me - Gurly - I am 26 years old, standing 5ft 1inch TALL and a whole lot of hyper! 

I live in the beautiful Vancouver in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada (where the moose are). The West Coast is definitely the Best Coast. We have such beautiful green forests and the pacific ocean lining our coast. 

I recently graduated from the University of British Columbia with my Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health. Now I am working towards starting grad school perhaps at UBC or at a different internationally recognized Canadian University (maybe U of T or Western?)

I LOVE fashion, anything chic and cute, I will gravitate towards it. As preppy as I am, you will often see me rocking a pair of Adidas or Sperry Topsiders or even Blundstone boots with my skirts and dresses. What can I say, I like being comfortable and heels are overrated. 

My style is ever-evolving so it is tough for me to have a favourite designer. I also could not just pick one designer because every designer has their own unique contribution to the fashion industry. If I were to choose a classic European design powerhouse, it would have to be Gucci as I am in love with their timeless use of bamboo. 

I have 8 favourite movies - I am a Potterhead! I own the entire set of novels as well as the BlueRay set in the limited edition steel boxes! Amongst the 8, Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite. Plus RONALD WEASLEY IS OUR KING

Why did I start blogging?
I had spare time, but I was spending it zoning out in front of the tv or aimlessly wandering the far corners of the internet. During my frequent internet browsing, I came across a few blogs and I just fell in love.

Throughout these three years, Pink Tea Latte has very much evolved and I am no longer scared to share my real honest opinion. So if I say I like something, I definitely mean it, but if I am not a fan, I will let you know to.

Be sure to follow me on my Instagram @pinktealatte I put up lots of fun things every day.

I am a contributor at The Daily Hive specifically for their Dished section, so keep an eye out for my articles. I have also written several pieces for Yellow Pages Vancouver Smart List. 

If you ever have any comments or questions shoot me an email: pinktealatte@gmail.com