Friday 1 April 2016

7 Lattes & Wishes | April 2016 Wishlist

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Hey Dolls!

Another month means another wish list and for April, I am all about getting on top of Spring 2016 trends. This spring, I see a lot of denim, eyelet designs, tassels and fun colours. 

I really want to get my hands on Too Faced's Peanut Butter and Jelly eye shadow pallet, but it seems to be sold out already :( And I can totally see why because the packaging is so darn cute and rumour has it, the shadows smell like peanut butter! Yummy plus that jelly shade looks gorgeous! Also,as you might know, I am not a huge makeup fanatic, so it I am quite surprised by how badly I want, correction, NEED this pallet in my life! 

Denim is looking like one of the big trends this spring, but I am picky in the manner that I wear denim. I am not a big fan of denim skirts or dresses as well as traditional denim overalls. However, Wilfred Free has done a fabulous job in designing this denim romper. The denim looks light weight and I like how the the cinched waist will make the top half flowy. I also think a denim camisole would be a unique way of rocking this trend. Tuck it into a white maxi high waisted flowy skirt would be an effortless chic look. 

Smart watches have been popping up everywhere. Even Fossil has released the Q line. However, I want to get the Fitbit Alta as it tracks sleep patterns through the night. Plus, Fitbit has the forerunner fitness trackers so I trust that they have worked out all of the bugs! 

Also, needing a new purse. Loving Coach's Saddle Bag 23 which is a nod to their 1941 collection. The tassels are hand tied and made with premium quality level. The craftsmanship on the premium level Coach bags is always stellar. I try to always go for a style where the bag itself is the centre of attention and not the brand. As in, I always avoid bags that are plastered with the brand's logo. 

I also need to get on the Ghillie trend and pick up a pair of the flats soon! Definitely going to channeling my inner ballerina with these! Lastly, a pair of climber earnings. I generally stick to studs because I find I look funny earnings that hang. The climbers are cool because they are different and the simple rod is chic! 

Are any of the items on my wishlist on yours as well? Let me know in the comments below! Fingers crossed I can pick up some of the items on my list this month :) 


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  1. Regarding the fitbit: the wrist versions won't track your steps if you are holding anything (shopping cart, bags, purse strap etc) it relies on the swing of your arm. Also, if you're a hand talker it will be inaccurate. Most people I know who have one that tracks sleep just turn that part off after awhile. Again, inaccuracy is the issue. I recommend the fitbit zip. It clips on the centre of your bra and relies on step "shock" (I can't think of the right term) to track. I've found it to be way more accurate. Plus, less chance of losing it or damaging it. :)