Thursday 31 March 2016

Geek Latte | Taking the "insta" out of Instagram?

Hey dolls,

These last couple of days, my instragram feed has become saturated with accounts telling me that I need to turn on my notifications for them or otherwise, I will no longer see their pictures. There has been widespread panicked that Instagram is changing its algorithm and the feed would no longer be chronological. Instead, pictures of accounts you like most will be prioritized at the top. 

But is it true? Are the changes taking place "tomorrow," so we must all turn on notifications immediately for the accounts we follow?

Turns out, things got blown out of proportion and everyone just panicked!!!!

Instagram announced on Monday, March 28th in response to the frenzy of posts complaining about the changes -->  "We're listening and we assure you nothing is changing with your feed right now. We promise to let you know when changes roll out broadly." 

Also, imagine turning on notifications for every account you follow. I personally get plenty of emails, texts, calls and messages throughout the day and do not need my phone to be buzzing each time someone posts a picture of their morning latte or captured the perfect flatlay. I am pretty certain that everyone who has turned on notifications will shortly after turn off the notifications because your device is going to be going off every moment of the day! 

Plus, how annoying has it been to see all the posts begging you to turn on notifications because they would be absolutely crushed if you missed their casual selfie with their Starbucks.... 

So instagram may still be taking out the "insta" from the app in the future; however, rest assured, your posts will not magically "disappear" from people's feeds! Followers who engage more on your account will see your posts near the top of their feeds. Others will just see it more down the feed. 

Personally, I hope instagram does NOT change the algorithm because I prefer the chronological order. I follow a large array of accounts and like the variation in my feed. It would be kind of weird for example to have a several pictures by one account dominate my feed and also, I would miss out on awesome pictures from others! 

However, since it is still unclear when or if a change like this might occur on instagram, I suggest giving love to the accounts you really enjoy in your feed. Take the two seconds to heart the image you actually like versus mindlessly thumbing through your feed. Also, leave a comment every now and then on a picture you really like! 

The Conclusion: Do not beg your followers to turn on their notification on your account because it might just be a surefire way of getting unfollowed in the near future! There are No confirmed changes happening on Instagram, but in the mean time, do show some love to the pictures you really love in your feed! 

Hope this helped you all! 

Haha and if you are curious, check out my instagram @pinktealatte <3 


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