Thursday 3 March 2016

Gurly's Life | March Goals 2016

Hi Dolls,

I know I have not done monthly goals in a while. I just had so much going on that I was falling behind on blog posts. I finally am almost caught back up on my planned blog posts and finally was able to do my monthly goals list for you all!

For March 2016 I want to:
  • Apply to lots and lots of jobs
  • Sort out travel plans - I will tell you more closer to hehe
  • Complete 15 blog posts
  • 25 high quality instagram posts
  • Continue eating healthy
  • Attend a Power Yoga class each week
  • Get ahead on course work
These are my goals. I hope it inspires you to set your own goals. As well, it is way to let you visualize what you want to achieve!


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