Sunday 13 March 2016

Latte Moment | Raincouver is bumming us all out

Hi dolls,

sorry I have not been posting as often as I generally have in the past. What can I say, everyday in Vancouver as of late has been grey skys of rain and wind. I honestly just want some sunshine already. Also, the temperature has seemed to have dropped a bit. The grey sky and rain is making it impossible for me to take pictures. I have so many blog posts I want to publish, but they have no pictures to accompany the writing. 

Also, I am feeling a little down as of late. And I seem to not be the only one. The weather is affecting a lot of my friends and no one is feeling up for any adventures. Seasonal depression is very much real and affects many more then you realize. It is primarily during the winter months, the times when there is far less sunshine. This definitely is evident within Vancouver. At this point, we have been having constant rainy grey bleak days for months now and it is time for some sunshine. 

Vancouver's trees are currently full of cherry blossoms. They are gorgeous and beautiful and I cannot take enough pictures of them! I think my brain is so conflicted because the cherry blossoms are a sign of spring, more sunny days and warming temperatures. Also, day light savings began today. Our clocks moved forward 1 hour, but currently, the wind and rain are absolutely nutters outside. At one point this afternoon, I thought the roof of my house was going to get blown off! 

So let us all cross our fingers that sunshine and warmer days come to Vancouver soon because I do not know how many more rainy grey days I can take :( slash, I really want to start going on some outdoor hikes already!!! GAH! 

I promise I will have lots of blog posts out soon! Just be patient with me as I wait for the weather to cooperate hehe


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