Monday 21 March 2016

Latte Moment | Pink Tea Latte Birthday Shoot Setup + Inspiration!

Hey Dolls!

I am going to break up the details on the photoshoot into a few posts so they do not get too long! This post is going to be all about setting up the display and the inspiration behind it! Before organizing the shoot, I needed to figure out the theme! My favourite place for inspiration has got to be Pinterest. Whenever I need some fun new ideas, I always head on over to Pinterest and save all the pictures I like to a board. That way, whenever I need to refer back to the pictures, I can easily find them in one place. 

For this shoot, the words that came to my mind were: Spring, Happy, Sunshine, Cherry Blossoms and Free Spirited. I also already knew I wanted to set it up under a tree and use wooden crates as the surface to display items. Pinterest gave me some wonderful ideas and I started sketching out how I want the crates arranged and what kind of items I want to fill them with. My goal with these pictures is to make people genuinely smile when they see them! If I can put together this setup, I promise you can too! Keep things simple and have fun with it! 

The raspberry marshmallows from Goodmallows are amazing! You can practically taste fresh raspberry in each cube!
Four of the five crates, my dad and I built ourselves! Hehe and it cost me literally zero dollars!!! YAY! Success! I might do a blog post on how I made them in the future.The fifth crate I bought from Home Depot for $10. We used it as our model for building the other four crates. They turned out amazing, and honestly, because they are home made, they are not perfect. And that is how crates should be! They have a rustic charm to them and look like I bought them from an apple orchard. 

The full setup! Love how it came together!
No birthday is complete without a cake. Cadeaux Bakery made me a gorgeous 8 inch cake with a petal frosting design. This delicious cake was decadent layers of vanilla sponge soaked in Earl grey tea syrup with alternating layers of white chocolate mousse and passion fruit swirled chantilly cream. I topped it with a sparkly gold "1." We have already polished off half of this cake and it will probably be gone in another day or two! The cake sat on top of a 10 inch diameter green milk glass cake stand from Cross Designs

I wanted lots and lots of flowers to fill the crates. Balconi Floral Design Studio did two arrangements of spring roses, full sized roses, pink ranunculus' and greens. I also grabbed a bundle each of pink and white carnations and scattered them throughout the display in random glass bottles. Threw in a few Avalon milk bottles because we all know I am obsessed with their chocolate milk hehe. 

A bottle of pink bubbly and my favourite candle from Vancouver Candle Co. And the bottles from Fentaman's are so cute!
Lastly, other small items like Goodmallow's delicious raspberry and chocolate marshmallows. My Fujifilm instax camera was in there, a bottle of rose and a Vancouver Candle Co candle. Also hung a few white puffy paper balls from the tree! Plus, I cannot forget thee awesome Light Box in A4 size I got from London Field Shoppe! Completely obsessed with it. Honestly, this display could not have come together any better then it did. 

This setup was exactly what I was going for. It was fresh and so much fun to set up. 
I cannot wait to share the rest of the pictures from this shoot with you! I had so much fun during it and so glad that I did it! Do look out for my post on the outfit I wore for Pink Tea Latte's 1 year Birthday shoot as well as hair and makeup. Also, would love to know in the comments below if love the pictures from this shoot as much I do! 


All pictures in this post were taken by my fabulous friend Ruby Bird. 

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