Wednesday 23 March 2016

Chic Life | Hair Cut by talented barber Snips by Sam

Hey Dolls!

I do love long hair. Especially in the summer when I see girls with their flowing long locks that effortlessly flow down their back. I am actually quite jealous! But for some reason, I cannot deal with having long hair myself. Here are the reasons as to why Gurleen cannot cope with having long hair:

1. Long hair takes eons to dry. By the time it does dry, the event has ended and everyone has long gone home and are asleep in bed. 
2. It gets in the way! Am I the only one who manages to get her hair stuck while zipping their jacket? 
3. When you have dark hair, it attracts more heat, so long dark hair means you are sweltering under your locks. 
4. Shampoo and Conditioner seems to run out far too quick. 
5. Straightening long hair, girl you are going to be standing in front of that bathroom mirror for an hour. 
6. I do not like having my hair up in a pony tail because it makes my head sore. I am so weird, I know. So when I am trying to study, your long hair is going to be getting in your line of vision. 
7. You practically look like every other girl. Long hair is the norm. Especially the long wavy hair or long pin straight hair. Why blend in with the crowd?

Now that we all understand as to why I am unable to keep long hair, I want to share with you who I trust to give me a chic hair cut! As my last hair cut was more then 4 months ago, I desperately needed my hair cut. My hair was past my shoulders and I could now put it up in a pony tail! Holy Moly! I actually showed up to class a week ago with my hair in a high pony tail and my friends were gobsmacked. They had never ever seen me with my hair up! haha 

This is LONG hair for me!
The only person I trust with having scissors near my hair is Sam! I have been going to Sam for over 3 years and I could not be anymore happier! I was introduced to Sam at a salon I had been going to for years. Ah it was perfect! Sam totally gets me! However, the salon was quite rigid and it did not vibe with Sam so she made the decision to become a barber at University Barbershop. I am so glad that she did because it is as if she was destined to work there. And because I did not feel comfortable entrusting another with my hair, so Sam now cuts my hair at the Barbershop. Not gonna lie, I feel pretty cool getting my hair cut there! As well, how convenient is it that University Barbershop is at UBC's Westbrook Village?!?! 

Sam has been doing hair professionally for over 3 years now and she is one of the sweetest most easy going people I know. Any day of the week, you can expect to find her smiling while rocking her fabulous coloured hair. I have seen her with sea green to lilac coloured hair and she always, without a fail, manages to pull it off effortlessly! Seriously, hair goals! She maybe tiny, but is fabulously fierce, rocking her combat boots and crystal necklaces on the daily. 

So what is my go to style? I think Sam can explain it best!

"The blunt, above the shoulder one length bob suits her bubbly, girly and all around fun personality. Of course, mixed in with a bit of edginess for Gurleen's overall style"

Meet Sam! Love this girl to bits!!! Photo Credit: @photoshepherd
I could not have said it better. I wanted chic, I wanted sharp and I wanted it to be simple. Sam delivered exactly just that. You do not need a shaved side to stand out. Anything other then the "norm" go to girl's long wavy hair style is going to keep you looking like a fashionista. Sam also gives me lots and lots of layers because I do have a lot of hair! By thinning it out, the style frames my face better. 

Plus, shorter hair is so much easier to maintain and you are using far less hair product. I use Bumble and Bumble Gentle Shampoo so I always want it to last as long s possible! It is pricey! Also, styling is a breeze. I only need to run the straightener through once because my hair naturally lays quite straight. 

If you are wanting a new look and a change from the norm, definitely go visit Sam because I promise she will not disappoint! And be sure to check out her instagram @snipsbysam to see her amazing work. 


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