Friday 4 March 2016

Chic Finds | Tokidoki Series 2 Sneak Peak

Hi Dolls!

I am just as excited as you are because I actually was under the impression that the order I placed on was for season 1; however, it looks like they sent me series 2! From what I know, the official release of Moofia Series 2 is on March 5th, but oops, guess I got a little sneak peak! Hehe (I received the package on March 2, but I was busy and could not post this until now.... HOWEVER if you follow me on instagram @pinktealatte you are already in the loop!)

First impressions: I prefer the packaging design of series 1 because it was based off of the Latte character. Guess I am just a little biased! Also, I think the peachy pink colour does not fit in with "milk" and I understand that with each new series, companies like to give packaging a new fresh look. These ones were definitely glued shut better which is good! 
The one thing I do like about the new packaging is that one the side, they show the figures in full versus partial. In keeping with the first series package, I think it would have been cute if they put the Coconut Milk as the "have you seen me" picture because it is the chaser! 

I should have made an unboxing video, but I would not have had time until the weekend and only if there was sunshine out. So I decided against it and unboxed them on my own. You can watch my other tokidoki unboxing video - practically the screaming and concentration tongue were present. 

The two characters I got in my Moofia Series 2 blind boxes were MUSCLES and ALMONDINA!!!! HOW CUTE! I love how they made Muscles proportionally larger than Almondina because he is just so buff like that. Also loving his biceps hehe so cute! Plus he has bull horns as he is manly like that. 

Almondina is just adorable. I also like how they made her body match the containers almond milk comes in complete with the silver foil at the top. Plus cute little almond heart horns. Absolutely precious! 

I cannot wait to get more of the series 2 as I am still on the look out for the LATTE FIGURE! Absolutely unacceptable that I have not gotten Latte yet. We are meant to be, okay! Also, I want the little greek yogurt and peach yogurt. So cute! 

Let me know which character you are hoping to get in series 2!


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