Sunday 6 March 2016

Edible Obsession | Catch 122 Sunday Brunch

Hi Dolls!

I wish brunch was an official meal everyday of the week and was not reserved only for the weekends and holidays. It is an excuse to have breakfast for lunch! I think breakfast food is probably one of my favourite meals. Perhaps it is the fact I can have sweets as a meal aka scrumptious waffles and pancakes and french toasts... YUM! 

For todays Sunday Brunch, I hit up Catch 122 Cafe Bistro for some delicious brunch goodness. Catch 122 does offer brunch everyday of the week (bonus points for them!) and hopefully more restaurants will adopt this logic and not reserve it for weekends only. 

This was my third time visiting Catch 122 and because I loved the truffle-scented mushrooms so darn much last time, I got it again today. It is really good. They use seasonal and wild cultivated mushrooms to fill the 3-egg omelette. But what really brings it over the top has to be the goat cheese. It adds creaminess as well as a bit of tang. Just delicious! And because I my eggs must always have ketchup, I did enjoy my omelette with ketchup hehe. I asked for a side salad in place of the Yukon Nugget Potato Hash as I generally do not like hash. I am not fond of mushy soft potato. As well, most restaurants give so much potato and I felt like I needed to get some greens into my body. However, if you keep reading, you will find out I regretted not getting Catch 122's hash. 

My friend had the Pulled Pork Breakfast Sandwich. It was picture perfect, hence the beautiful picture I was able to capture! It was thick meaty, Catch 122 is serious about making a good sandwich. Sandwiched between a crispy ciabatta bread was tender pulled pork, a fried egg, creamy gruyere cheese finished with some crispy arugula. This sandwich will seriously fill you up! It came with a side of Catch 122's Golden Yukon Potato Hash and a small salad. I did sneak a few potatoes and they are super crispy. Nothing like any hash I have had before. These potatoes had a nice thick crispy outer shell holding in steamy soft potatoes. Probably the first time I have liked a potato hash!

This was my Sunday Brunch for today! Do let me know if you think I need to give another dish on their menu a try. As well, any other places in Vancouver for amazing brunch as I am always on the lookout! 

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