Saturday 11 February 2017

7 Lattes + Wishes | Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Sometimes technology just does not like me very much because this entire blogpost disappeared on me as I was doing my final grammar edits. So this is me starting from scratch at 10PM at night, but I am going to get it done and published before I head to bed....I did not manage to finish last night, so the post is a day late :( I am sorry!

Valentine's Day for me is about sharing how much you love and care for the people in your life. It does not necessarily need to be your significant other because I personally deeply care and love my besties and they too deserve to feel special on February 14th! Therefore, Valentine's Day for me is like Friend Appreciation Day too or popularly termed - GALENTINE'S Day! Hehe also, no one is going to turn down sweets and beautiful flowers, am I right? Lastly, I really do not feel it is necessary to splurge on lavish gifts because it is about making the other person feel special, not about spoiling them with materialistic items. 

I love fresh cut flowers; therefore, it is no surprise that flowers are on the top of my Valentine's Day gift guide! For me, flowers are always associated with a special occasion and generally makes the receiver feel very special. Vancouver has some very amazing florists, but I tend to always return to Garden Party Flowers. Ask for a floral arrangement instead of a bouquet so it is ready to displayed in your home. 

How cute is this copper toned lock and key from Urban Outfitters?! The lovers lock has an engraved heart in which you write your initials before hanging it at a popular lover's lock spot.I know there is a bridge in New Westminster and cannot wait to put my lock on it. 

I spotted this book in Urban Outfitters' Valentine's Day display and decided to take a quick flip through it. The book is so adorable and sort of just sums up truly the difference between like and love. Just a fun gift to give that will also bring a smile to both your faces. 

Laduree Macarons
Last spring, Vancouver finally received its first Laduree boutique! I know it is a bit of a splurge and I hate to admit to be the one to admit that the overly hyped Laduree macarons truly deserve the praise. I have had macarons from various patisseries, but none have come near to achieving the depth of flavour Laduree's macarons. Most importantly for me, unlike the other macarons I have tasted, only Laduree macarons are NOT overtly sweet! Lastly, I am a sucker for cute packaging and limited edition Valentines macaron boxes are ridiculously cute. Did I mention you can record a cute 15 second message that will play when the box is opened.

A Cute Card
Write them an adorable Galentine's day card. Just make sure the card is quirky and cute because picking the perfect card is what will make this gift AWESOME. I am into the silly pun cards, but I am also a sucker for cute graphics. I picked up the Pugs & Kisses card from the stationary shop in Oakridge named Papyrus.

Pictures + Photo Clips String Set
Sometimes we you just need to assert your love for them and give them the best gift of all, pictures of you and a string with clips to hang them up in their room. Ideally pictures of you both on your favourite adventures together; however, nothing wrong with only giving pictures of yourself. Haha 

An Activity That You Both Love
Sometimes the best gifts are not objects, but the memories you make doing something you both love. There are some really fun activities you can do in the Lower Mainland like attending a 4Cats craft class together or if you both enjoy cooking, then reserve a spot in one of The Dirty Apron's cooking classes. Be sure to take lots of pictures so you can look back on the fun times you had together!

I hope this list gives you some fun ideas to show your lover or your bestie how much you love them! Spread the love dolls!


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