Monday 20 February 2017

Chic Finds | K Beauty Pop-In at NordstromVan Haul

Pop-In NordstromVan K Beauty Haul!
Nordstrom Vancouver has some of the coolest Pop-In shops, so when I heard that the next Pop-In was going to be K Beauty, I made a point to drop by on opening day. I headed over before work on Friday February 17th and allowed myself to splurge on anything and everything I wanted! I generally am very strict with myself when it comes to shopping, so this was a special and rare treat where I allowed myself to buy everything that ended up in my shopping basket.

I am really glad that I went on opening day as shoppers were going crazy over the products! Probably half the customers in the little Pop-in space were Nordstrom employees because there is not a lot of back stock of the products. The sales associates were advising shoppers to get the items they wanted because they suspect many of the items will sell out very fast.

I walked away with a bag of 10 products for $200 which is a steal! Considering that a lot of these products are not even available in Canada, I would say the products are very reasonably priced. Plus they give you a super cute clear pouch to store all your new products in!

As I have not had a chance to really try out the products yet, I will do a review on them in a few weeks, so do keep an eye out for that. I do however suggest grabbing the items you like soon as I am certain they will sell out fast!

Here are the items I picked up!

1. Pig Collagen 3 Step Nose Pack | Me Factory
I have heard so many great things about these three step pore strips and how they work wonders in cleaning your nose pores, so I purchased to packs! It does sound a little gross that the pore strips are made with pig collagen, but if you are unfamiliar with Korean Beauty products, they use ingredients that we usually not see in North American products.

2. Pumpkin Sleeping Pack Overnight Facial Mask | Too Cool for School
I love face masks; however, I have yet to try an overnight facial mask, so I decided it now was a good time to pick one up. The pumpkin sleeping mask is super cute and thankfully it does not have a strong pumpkin scent. Otherwise, I probably would not be able to sleep with it on because I am very sensitive to smells.

3. Coconut Milky Mist | Too Cool For School
I was not planning on getting a facial mist because I have never ever understood the need for one, but the sales associates completely convinced me that I needed it. It also smells really nice haha so who knows, maybe once the weather warms up, I will really appreciate this coconut milky mist to cool me down!
My Favourite Pop-In at NordstromVan!
4. Egg Cream Microfibre Sheet Mask | Too Cool For School
I have heard a lot of positive things about the Egg line by Too Cool for School so I could not resist picking up a few of the items. I have never really been a huge sheet mask lover, but girls were snapping up these particular masks, so I said why not. I grabbed the 5-pack and am crossing my fingers for great results.

5. Egg Mellow Body Butter | Too Cool For School
The Egg Mellow Body Butter smelled so amazing and I am a sucker for body butters and lotions, so in it went into my shopping basket. The moment I got home, I moisturised my legs with it. The body butter soaks in to your skin and almost reminds me of Khiel's Whipped Milk & Honey Body Butter, but a little more dense.

6. Sukoo Sukoo Bag Charm
So I did not necessarily need the Sukoo Sukoo Bag charm, but YOLO! It was so cute, so there was no way that I was going to walk away without one. My shopping spree would have been incomplete without it! You can pick out your own Sukoo Sukoo from an array of colours.

The big pink Sukoo Sukoo is the bath scrubber accompanied by a mini Sukoo Sukoo Bag Charm.
I wanted this package, but I could not justify spending $45 on a pretty loofah! 
7. Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper | Too Cool For School
I have a greasy T-Zone, so me and blotting papers are best of friends! Aside from the adorable design featuring dinosaurs and a city skyline, these blotting papers are infused with green tea.

8. Soft Foot 30 Minute Peeling Socks | A'Pieu
This was an intriguingly packaged item and I actually did not even know what exactly it was until after I purchased it. So they are these "socks" that you wear on your feet for 30 minutes and then over the next few days, all the dry dead skin on your feet fall off. Sort of gross, but super cool at the same time. Clearly I was not the only one who was curious about the Soft Foot 30 Minute Peeling Socks because they were sold out when I went back the day after.

9. Milk Whipping Body Wash | A'Pieu
This purchase was purely based on the packaging being too cute to pass up. This body wash has an adorable cow called MILK on it! I do not think this body wash is anything special, but sometimes you just need cutely packaged shower products.

A lot of these items are already on back order online, so if there is something you really like and want, I highly recommend ordering it soon! I will post my thoughts on the products in a few weeks as I want a chance to really try them out before giving you all my opinion.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of my crazy K Beauty splurge? Think I snagged some good items? Also, please let me know if you think there is something I really should try.



  1. OMG!!! I love Pumpkin everyyyythaaaang! I need that mask!!

    1. I KNOW!!!!! Everything pumpkin for josh everyday!