Tuesday 14 March 2017

Local Love | Celebrating Pi Day with the Pie Shoppe

Happy Pi Day everyone! For those of you who are confused, Pi day is the celebration of the mathematical constant pi which is 3.14... a non-repeating number. Therefore, every March 14th, is the best excuse ever to indulge in scrumptious fruity or custardy pies! 

I headed over this morning to the Pie Shoppe on Powell street to catch the magnificent sister duo, Stephanie and Andy French. I caught them busy packaging their delicious pies for a huge last minute 100 pie order! Despite being up all night preparing and baking pies, Stephanie was so sweet and amazing. Gosh, if I was up the entire night filling a 100 pie order, I would be exhausted and frankly a little cranky, so I admire Stephanie's customer service. 

I decided to be good and not get an entire pie for myself, only a slice. I went with a fruit pie of theirs, a apple and nectarine pie topped with a delicious nutty crumble. There was also a hint of alcohol in the fruit filling, but the name of the local distillery escapes my name. 

Next time, I want to try one of their cream and custard pies, particularly their Matcha Custard Pie! You know I love some good matcha; therefore, I must try a slice of that pie at the soonest date possible. 

Let me know in the comments below what slice of pie you had to celebrate Pi Day! 


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