Thursday 16 March 2017

Latte Moment | Pink Tea Latte is TWO!

I am so excited that Pink Tea Latte has hit the two year mark! So much has happened in this past year, some good, some bad, and a whole lot of adventures. Just taking a glance back on the year, Pink Tea Latte has grown a tremendous amount and in the process, I have undergone a huge transformation too! Thank you for taking the few minutes of your busy daily lives to read Pink Tea Latte as well as checking out my instagram. 

In celebration of Pink Tea Latte's second birthday, here is a list of a few exciting highlights from the past year:

Coach Pre-Spring 2017
I literally cried when the courier dropped off a box with shipping label addressed from Coach Handbags. I was in such disbelief because Pink Tea Latte is still a baby to me so I was astonished to learn that Coach PR considered me to be a part of the launch of their Dinky bag. A definite highlight of my year and I hope to work with Coach again soon!

Photo Shoot with Sara Brynn Creative Co
Another first this year was my photoshoot with the lovely Sara Brynn! She is absolutely wonderful behind the lens and made my first photoshoot experience amazing. Sara made me feel beautiful and so we set up a second one which turned out to be a ridiculously cold morning. Despite the frigid temperatures, Sara brought a lot of energy to the shoot making it a fun morning. 

Photography Course
Pink Tea Latte has kept my writing skills sharp, but also fostered a love for photography in me. I purchased my Nikon D5500 over a year ago, but I felt google and youtube alone were not giving me the structure to learn and improve my photography skills. I ended up enrolling and completing the DSLR Basics course at Langara College and in those three months, my photos improved ten-fold. I also picked up skills in Lightroom which is now my primary photo program.

Planning My First Event - My 23rd Birthday!
I have started to develop an interest in planning events as I love floral arrangements, delicious pastries and finding the perfect accent pieces to pull together the decor. What better time than to plan my own 23rd Birthday Brunch Bash! I had some stunning floral arrangements done up by the ladies at Garden Party Flowers and did not have one, but two birthday cakes from two different amazing bakeries. Lastly, gorgeous wood rounds from Pacific Design Labs to tie in with the rustic decor at Belgard Kitchen. 

Attending the Beta 5 Ice Cream Socials
Visiting Beta 5 on Saturdays for the Ice Cream Socials has become somewhat of a tradition for me and my friend. Together, we managed to devour 9 of the 15 sundae flavours from their 2016 summer Ice Cream Socials. However, the Harry Potter sundae will always be the one that got away! I will literally camp out overnight to get one if Beta 5 decides to do the Harry Potter sundae again. 

Attending the Disney Fireworks Display
Disney is my childhood, my life and my future. When I heard the Disney Imagineers were flying in from Walt Disney Florida to put on a Disney Fireworks show at English Bay, I made it my priority to attend the show at all costs. It was probably the most magical night of Summer 2016 and only makes me yearn to visit the Disney Theme Parks even more! 

I am so ecstatic for the exciting adventures that await in the year ahead for Pink Tea Latte. I already have some exciting posts in the works! A few more days and I will be revealing one of the exciting series that I have been working on. 

I also would love to do a casual meet-up at a local Vancouver cafe. I want to know if there is any interest, so leave me a comment below or comment on my Instagram picture. I really would love to meet some of you in person, so if there is even a hint of interest, I will organize something for the coming weekend. 

Where to find some of the goodies in my pictures:
Noms by Mon - Chiffon Cake Layered with Fresh Strawberries and Chantilly Creme
Garden Party Flowers - Two arrangements. One tall, one small featuring a variety of fresh roses, peonies and greens.
Pacific Design Lab - Wood rounds


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