Tuesday 25 April 2017

Edible Obsessions | Creamsicle Sundae Beta 5

Beta 5 Sundae Social | Creamiscle Sundae: mandarin sorbet, fior di latte ice cream, lemon-olive oil curd, vanilla short bread, shattered citrus salad, vanilla chantilly and crisp meringue shards

I am so happy that Beta 5 Sundae's have made an appearance earlier this season because it something I look forward to at the end of a long hard work day. I am a huge citrus lover and this Creamsicle Sundae was everything I could have asked for. The refreshing tangy mandarin sorbet was a burst of spring in my mouth that was then balanced by the creamy fior di latte ice cream. For those unfamiliar with ice cream making, fior di latte is considered the base to all ice cream flavours. It is just a rich milk custard flavour that is almost hard explain because it honestly tastes different to everyone! I thought it tasted like coconut, but my friend found it to taste more like sweet cream. I would say she was far closer to what fior di latte is!

Of course, no sundae is a real sundae without the toppings! There was a lovely lemon-olive oil curd which kept with the citrus flavour and of course no Beta 5 Sundae is complete without their signature vanilla chantilly! The vanilla shortbread cookies were a little too dry for my liking, but the crisp meringue shards were amazing! It was the first time I have had meringue served to me so wafer thin and added a lovely texture to the sundae.

The coolest garnish had to be the Shattered Citrus Salad. Up close, it looked like citrus pulp up close, but it also melted in your mouth. I did try googling it; however, I did not find any information on what exactly shattered citrus salad is. I am going to assume this is a Beta 5 creation! In one of their Instagram pictures, the caption uses "liquid nitrogen" as a descriptor, so my guess will be that a citrus juice is frozen with liquid nitrogen, but they are vigorously stirring as they pour in the liquid nitrogen. Either way, it was really yummy!

I cannot wait to know what the sundae flavour will be for the next social. I hope they do the Mango Bubble Tea one again!

I would love to meet up at Beta 5 for one of their upcoming sundaes to make it a real social! Would love to hear in the comments below if you interested in having a fun time with me and ice cream!


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