Monday 24 April 2017

Local Love | Vancouver is Blushing with Cherry Blossoms

Spring has finally sprung in Vancouver as the city is blushing pink with cherry blossoms! Unfortunately, it seems the weather has yet to get the memo as horrid rainy days continue with no end in sight. I was so thrilled that there was one day with bright blue skies, so I made it priority to get outdoors and take some pictures of the pink blossoms.

My favourite cherry blossom trees are right outside the Burrard Street skytrain station in downtown Vancouver. Because I am a total dork, I needed to figure out what variety of blossoms they were. The trees are Somei Yoshino (Yoshino Cherry) and are one of the most abundant single flower cherry blossom trees in Vancouver. You can also find them lining the West entrance of Queen Elizabeth Park as well as lower mall at UBC.

All the rain washing the blossoms away :(
I am a little bummed that I was not able to get out and enjoy the blossoms very much this year, partially due to the obscene number of rainy days, but also the fact the days that were sunny and clear happened to be days I was either stuck at work or studying for final exams. Cherry blossoms also tend to peak a week after blooming, so it is a very short window to enjoy them!

I am going to try and visit West 22nd between Arbutus and Carnarvon as those eight blocks are lined with beautiful blossom trees and ranked the best spot in Vancouver for cherry blossoms. Really crossing my fingers that the pink blossoms are still there!

Who else is living for the pretty pink trees in Vancouver? Let me know in the comments below!


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