Thursday 6 July 2017

Edible Obsessions | Ice Cream Sundaes in Vancouver

Seasonal Strawberry Sundae at Soft Peaks Gastown
On a hot summer day, there is no better treat than a delicious ice cream sundae. Over the Canada Day weekend, I got my fill of sundaes at two different Vancouver favourites, Earnest Ice Cream and Soft Peaks. It was a long weekend - I am allowed to indulge myself - and the evenings were perfect for strolling around town with a sundae in hand. I actually also went to Mosquito for dessert too.... - YOLO! As I eat so many sundaes, it was only fitting that I write an article for the Daily Hive Dished Vancouver on the best places to get an ice cream sundae from. 

Believe it or not, this was my first time visiting Soft Peaks in Gastown. I happen to not be the biggest fan of soft serve as it tends to be far too sweet for me. To my surprise, their iconic soft serve was not sweet what-so-ever. The soft serve is made with organic Avalon milk giving the soft serve a creamy rich milk flavour. I am glad that it was not masked by sweetners. Since I am a sucker for fresh local berries, I could not pass up on the seasonal flavour of diced organic strawberries, strawberry agave syrup and corn flakes. The milky soft serve was the perfect base for the tart and sweet strawberries. I also loved the addition of the corn flakes as it gave the sundae some texture. 

Seasonal Lemon Tart Sundae at Earnest Ice Cream Fraser St. 

My friends and I are pretty big Earnest fans and I often have a couple of pints in my freezer. Their toasted coconut regularly chills out in my freezer, but not for too long hehe. Many people have been raving about Earnest's current sundae, the Lemon Tart, so much so that Earnest decided to keep it around a little while longer. Since it is their seasonal sundae, I did not want to miss, so I made my way over to their Fraser Street location to finally try it. 

When it comes to citrus, I am pretty obsessed. I enjoy the tangy sweet and tart flavour of lemons, so I knew I was going to like it. From the lemon infused whip cream to their fresh lemon ice cream, everything was lemon in this sundae! The house-made lemon curd was a perfect balance of tart and sweet and brought a pop to the milder in flavour lemon ice cream. Also, lemon-infused whip cream was a first for me and it was glorious! The sundae was garnished with flaky crust pieces which brought some texture to the sundae. Seriously go try their Lemon Tart Sundae because I doubt you will find one better. 

I feel like I am almost an Ice Cream Sundae Connoisseur and should be given the title of most sundaes consumed over the course of one summer. I am really excited for the new flavours that Beta 5  is going to be scooping up for their weekly Ice Cream Socials. I would love to meet some of you in person, so if you see me, please give me a wave!


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