Sunday 2 July 2017

Latte Moment | Canada 150

I am so grateful and proud to call myself a Canadian and am so elated to be a part of the celebrations for my country's 150th year. Unknown to many, I am actually not Canadian by birth, but by naturalization. 23 years ago, my parents immigrated to Canada with me as a 9 month old baby. I am so happy to know that this country accepted my parents and me with open arms. There are so many opportunities both my parents and I have had in Canada which we would not have had from my native land, India. 

It does not matter if I am man or women in Canada because we all have equal rights and the freedom to pursue our dreams. You do not realize it, but the small things like being able to take public transit alone to and from school and work both morning and night in Vancouver is something I would not be able to do other places in the world. I have been able to work a part time job since I was 16 years old and held a position on the UBC variety men's rowing team. I have equal rights to education and am able to speak my mind freely. 

I love the multicultural community in Canada and that my friends are all from various cultures and ethnicities. For me, everyone is equal and I am grateful to live in a country that shares my values. 

This seems so corny when seeing it in writing, but I love being known as the country that is overtly polite (sorry!) and has the coolest prime minister ever! 

Thank you Canada and a big Happy 150th Birthday to you!


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