Wednesday 13 September 2017

I Tried It | K-Beauty Foot Peel

I picked up this foot peel a few months back during Nordstrom Vancouver's K-Beauty Pop-In. I never got around to using it until recently because it seemed like way too much effort to sit in one spot with plastic pouches on my feet. 

The foot peel solution comes in these two oversized sock shaped plastic pouches. You use the sticker tabs to secure them around your ankles. Unfortunately with the liquid inside these plastic sacs, it is impossible to walk around in them without slipping, so I had to stay put for 30 minutes while the peel did its magic on my feet. As it is a chemical based foot peel, it made my feet really tingly. I could feel the dead skin on my feet being eaten away at. 

I could not tolerate the sensation and ended up removing the sexy plastic socks about 15 minutes in and vigorously washed the stuff off of my feet. Over the next few days, the skin on my feet was extremely sensitive and continued to peel off. Really gross and not at all like getting a pedicure. As I am a active person who is always on her feet, my feet have calluses, but the peel softened the calluses. So I ended up getting sore blistered feet. 

Would I use a chemical foot peel ever again? NOPE! 

I like my feet the way they are. I generally always wear closed toe shoes like sneakers with socks, so I do not have cracked heels or really dry tough skin on my feet. I do have callused skin, but it is from sports and calluses are good because it prevents me from getting painful blisters. 

I would recommend getting a pedicure from a certified salon because they use hot water and creams to soften your skin and not aggressive skin eating chemicals. Also a good pedicurist will not completely remove all of the calluses from your feet. Instead they will exfoliate to get off the top layer of dead skin off and just polish the non-callused areas. And the experience of having your feet soak in hot water as you relax in a comfy chair is partially the reason why I like getting pedicures. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have used chemical foot peels and if you liked them?


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