Thursday 21 September 2017

Latte Moment | Planning 3-Day Trip to Seattle

I have been wanting to go on a trip on my own for quite some time. Perhaps it is me internally yearning to gain some autonomy from my parents or me needing to break out of my comfort of always traveling with either my parents or school (varsity team). Regardless, I am finally doing said trip to SEATTLE for three days!

I originally wanted to do Portland since the food looks amazing and the shops are adorable and I frankly love the "hipster" look of things. I am not saying that I am a hipster and do not think I dress like a hipster either, but I love the overall vibe that hipster shops exude and often sell brands that make products I like. Unfortunately for me, Portland is quite the drive, 6.5 hours to be exact. I really still want to just drive right past Seattle and all the way to Portland, but my body would not be able to handle it. The main hinderance is the chronic neck and shoulder pain I get from sitting for long periods really aggravates it further.

My three day trip to Seattle begins tomorrow and I feel massively underprepared. I know I planned it very last minute, but I think it is more not knowing how big the city is and what kind of distance is between the major attractions. I have this little notebook in which I have written down all of the shops, restaurants, cafes and landmarks I want to visit, but I cannot tell where everything is in relation to one another. I tried drawing out a map and marking roughly where everything was, but that quickly got very messy and confusing. However, a quick google search and I discovered a very helpful function that Google Maps has. 

Google Maps allows you to pin multiple locations onto one map. Not only can you save this map, you can organize your pins by category and even put little descriptions for all of the pins. Plus all of the pins can also be brought up in list view with your descriptors. It literally is perfect in every way possible and I continue to find more customizations for my map. 

I have a very ambitious list of places I want to visit during my three days in Seattle and I do not expect to make it to every single place. The outliers will unfortunately not be a part of this trip, but I am going to keep them on  my map for potential future visits. I will share my Google Maps, but after my trip for safety reasons since it does include details like where I am staying, what times my reservations are etc. 

To help me get a little more organized and really optimize my time, I have already chosen and made reservations at two restaurants for dinner. I have also decided the two main attractions I want to visit and purchased the tickets. So I am aiming to be at Pike’s Place Market at 9 AM on Saturday and Chihuly Glass Garden at 9 AM on Sunday AKA the opening times for both. Fingers crossed that since I will be going right at opening for the two, there will not be as many people making for better pictures and less waiting behind slow groups of people. 

I am not planning on shopping in the states since the dollar is still not that great, but also because I want to just splurge on food and drinks. I plan on eating A LOT! There are so many cafes, restaurants, markets and bakeries I want to visit and I want to try something at each of them. My gameplay is to only have full meals at the two restaurants I am gong for dinner and the rest of the places, kind of just get one item. So sort of snack through the entire day. I also expect a lot of left overs, so I am probably going to just bring those back for my friends and family. 

The Cafes I am for sure going to visit are London Plane, Preserve and Gather and Oddfellows. There are two “urban jungle” like stores I am just dying to see in person which are Glass Swing and Homestead Seattle Plant Shop. Other more lifestyle like boutiques I want to go to are Prism, Flora + Henri, and Drizzle and Shine. My timing could not be any better because this is Moorea Seal is having their final weekend of sales before the shop closes. Their new bigger boutique will be opening near the end of October. 

Foods that I cannot wait to try are Beecher’s Mac n Cheese, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, the lemon curd doughnut at General Porpoise Doughnuts and of course, the molten chocolate cake at Hot Cakes. To be completely honest, I want to go to Hot Cakes on all three days because their dessert looks unreal and I am all about a good chocolate cake that is still warm that it melts the ice cream. Thankfully Hot Cakes has more than one location so hopefully there will always be one close to me. 

I feel like this post  is a bit of an incoherent ramble jumping from thought to thought, but I cannot help it! I am just too darn excited! My plan is to do a re-cap of every single night of the places I visited and what I ate and drank. I will be taking pictures everywhere I go and will do photo stories. I am hoping that I can connect with some business owners, but I have not reached out to anyone yet so that is one me. 

If you have any last minute recommendations, do let me know in the comments below. I really would love to know if there are some hidden local gems that only Seattle locals know of. 


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