Wednesday 1 November 2017

Savvy Student | Free Birthday Treats on the Daily Hive

Mini Tiered Cake - Chiffon cake with fresh raspberry chantilly creme and fresh thinly sliced strawberries
Cake made by @monlovestobake

It was my birthday last week - Happy 24th Birthday to ME! - and my Daily Hive article could not have come at a better time. I did all the leg work for you and have compiled a list of restaurants, cafes, bars and ice cream parlours that give out free food and drinks on your special day.

A few of the birthday freebies I have known for years and it is almost like a tradition now for me to redeem my birthday treat. Others I had no clue about, but I am glad I know about them now because it just means more free birthday food for me!

Denny's | Free Grand Slam

Denny's is by far the best and the easiest to redeem. All you have to do is go into your closest Denny's on the day of your birthday and present a government issued photo ID to prove that the day is your birthday. No need to sign-up for emails, clubs and rewards programs! Denny's Grand Slam is a full meal and will 100% satisfy your hunger and the best part is that the Grand Slam is customizable. You get to pick four items from their Grand Slam list. 

Gurly's Grand Slam: shoe-string hash browns, two sausage links, two over-easy eggs, and a waffle with fresh fruit. 

Starbucks | Free Beverage

If you are a part of Starbucks' Star Rewards Program, you automatically receive a coupon for one free drink on your birthday. The coupon is only valid for the day of your birthday so do not forget to get your birthday drink. If I am buying my drink, I will always get a grande, but when its a free drink of any size, I always go for a Venti. 

Gurly's Starbucks Order: Venti Extra Hot, 2 Pumps Classic Green Tea Latte with Whip Cream

Pajo's Fish & Chips | Get free fish & chips with purchase

I was pleasantly surprised to learn Pajo's offers a a special coupon for a meal on your birthday. To obtain the voucher, you need to head over to their website and register for the Birthday Coupon. Purchase is required, but it is my friend who is going to do the buying right?? 

Craft Beer Market | Your age is the discount

I think the coolest birthday offer has to be from Craft Beer Market. If you are celebrating your birthday with your friends at Craft Beer, they give you a discount on your own bill. The percentage is the age you are turning, so if you are turning 25, you get 25% off your own bill! 

If you are out for dinner in celebration of your birthday, be sure to always let the server know. Most restaurants will give you a free dessert or special treat for your birthday. And if you are looking to embarrass your friend on their birthday, take them to Old Spaghetti Factory because all of the servers will wish your friend a happy birthday by singing extremely loudly which usually always results in an eruption of cheers from the other diners at the restaurant. 

I wonder how many of these free birthday treats you are able to get on your birthday? Let me know in the comments below if you go to any!


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