Thursday 18 October 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks and Lip Liners

I am by no means a beauty guru and honestly consider myself to be an average young adult in Vancouver. I have a fairly simple relationship with makeup. I pull it out for special occasions, but for the most part, I am au natural. So when I do purchase makeup, I usually splurge on higher-end brands. 

A good lipstick can give you a pretty pout, but a great lipstick can transform your entire look. Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks happen to fall in the latter category making its high price point justifiable. At $55 a tube, Charlotte Tilbury falls into the luxury makeup category. I feel the brand has only recently come into the mainstream. In fact, Charlotte Tilbury was picked up by Sephora a mere few months ago! Prior to that, in Vancouver I could only find it at Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom, two of the worlds biggest luxury brand retailers. 

Their lipsticks are packaged in a lovely metallic copper-hued tube with ridges and the logo stamped on top of the lid. These lipsticks definitely stand apart amongst the sea of black packaging that we usually see. 

Last year I had picked up Secret Salma and Penelope Pink, two neutral everyday shades that I have come to adore and love. Honestly, I have used a fair bit of the Secret Salma stick because it makes even an everyday look more polished. This year I have gone with bolder hues, a bright coral pink named Lost Cherry and a dramatic deep plum that goes by the name Hel's Bells

When I hear Lost Cherry, I think red, but this lipstick is actually an orangey-pink coral tone with a matte finish. Definitely not a bright red. Aside from the misleading name, its a fun colour that reminds me of spring and summer. It would go well with a  natural look and rosy cheeks. I cannot wait to rock it in 2019. The best part, though being matte, it does not sacrifice moisture making it comfortable to wear. 

Hel's Bells is the complete opposite of Lost Cherry. The deep plum purple is super vampy and does wonders for my complexion. I cannot help, but feel sexy when wearing it. This too is a matte finish and is comfortable all day long. I have always loved berry coloured lipsticks, so it goes without saying that I am elated to finally own one! Perhaps its an extension of my immense love for fresh berries - Strawberries and Raspberries! 

As I mentioned earlier, I did get two lip liners, which are completely new to me. Walk of Shame is the reddish tone while Love Trap is a darker nude brown colour. As the name implies, it is used to define the shape of your lips before applying your lipstick of choice. Unlike the lipsticks, the lip liners are very firm, making them hard to apply. Granted, I honestly have never used a lip liner before in my life, so maybe all lip liners are like that? I probably will not be exploring the world of lip liners and with these two shades in my collection, I can pretty much pair them with any lipstick. 

All of their lipsticks have fantastic pigmentation and are seriously long lasting. I am a lazy person and am infamous for never touching it up, so I need something that is going to last me through an event and eating and drinking. They almost "stain" your lips, which is why even after vigorously rubbing my arm under warm water, you could still see the colour. 

With the days getting cooler and leaves steadily piling up at the base of trees, I certainly see myself donning my new dark berry shade, Hel's Bells more and more. 


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