Sunday 15 September 2019

Fufú Café is putting the wobble in Soufflé Pancakes in Vancouver

Fufú Café | dress - Aritzia shoes- Steve Madden

Fufú Café is finally open which means we can all get our fill of wobbly Soufflé Pancake goodness!!! A few Fridays back, August 30th, I was spoiled with a private tasting of their menu and I must admit, do not let the light airy texture of the pancakes fool you because they are deceptively filling. 

Before I get into the main event - the soufflé  pancakes - I want to highlight Fufú Café's interior which drew inspiration from Art Deco Architecture. Royal navy blues, gold Calcutta marble and dusty rose pinks serve as the backdrop for the café. My favourite detail is the geometric molding that moves from the wall up onto the ceiling. Also the full-length mirror with a rounded top is everything and I want it for my room. To summarize, I am living for Fufú Café's aesthetic! 

Fufú Café specializes in the ever-popular Japanese-style Fluffy/Soufflé Pancake. Their menu is dedicated to these light and airy pancakes which gained popularity over the past couple of years. The airy melt in your mouth cloud-like texture is achieved from expertly folding in whipped egg whites into the pale yellow batter. Patience is of the utmost importance as they take 15 to 20 minutes to execute. Truly a labour of love. It is tough to describe the delicate texture that has made this style of pancake so sought after, so you really just need to go try the soufflé pancakes in person yourself. 

Fufu Cafe | Classic with butter, powdered sugar & maple syrup

The "Classics" are stacked three pancakes high - nearly 6 inches! - and you can choose between Butter/Maple Syrup/Powdered Sugar or Sea Salt/ Mascarpone Cheese/ Whip Cream. Between the two, I prefer the butter & syrup as I do not particularly enjoy the salty cheese sauce situation that seems to make a regular appearance these days on boba menus. 

The rest of the Sweet and Savoury options each come with two of Fufú Café's fluffy pancakes. From the Sweets, I had the Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Matcha Mochi, Tapioca Pearl Milk Tea and Lemon Crème Brûlée Soufflé. My favourite out of the sweets was the Fresh Seasonal Fruit because I think there is no better pairing than some refreshing fruit and sweetened whipped cream. It came with the juiciest strawberries, sliced bananas, freeze-dried raspberries that gave a delightful textural difference and fresh kiwis! The kiwis were a real treat as they do not often make an appearance on menus. As we come into fall, Fufú Café will be debuting fall flavours like spiced apple and warm spiced pumpkin because without pumpkin, are you even doing fall justice?

PSA: Eat your Soufflé Pancake immediately! Do not give in to the temptation of capturing the perfect shot for instagram because the texture of soufflé pancakes drastically change with every passing second. So eat them within 10 seconds of them arriving at your table for the full full glorious magical fluffy pancake experience!!!

The Lemon Crème Brûlée has a luscious lemony custard with a torched sugar top while for their Matcha Mochi they do an addictive matcha cream sauce. Both are excellent just one is more bright and citrus forward while the latter has a rich matcha flavour. Essentially it comes down to personal preference. 

Fufu Cafe | Seasonal Fresh Fruit: strawberries, bananas, kiwi & freeze dried raspberries
Probably the most interesting flavour I got to try was their Tapioca Pearl Milk Tea which is going to be available daily after 3 PM until sold out. Two of their signature pancakes are smothered in a house-made Earl Grey infused sauce and of course, lots and lots of Boba! Not necessarily my favourite, but nonetheless, it is a fun idea that will surely become the most Instagrammed menu item at Fufú Café. If you do not have a sweet tooth, Fufú Café is going to be launching savoury brunch pancakes which will be exclusive to the weekends. 

Before you leave Fufú Café  I highly recommend giving one of their fruit sodas a try as they are splendid. The passion fruit soda is tangy and comes with a generous amount of fresh passion fruit seeds which I love munching on. My favourite though was their white peach which had a lighter more delicate flavour that I could have sipped on all day every day. 

Just to reiterate my point from earlier, Soufflé Pancakes are best enjoyed the very second they arrive at your table. You will be depriving yourself of the full Fluffy Soufflé Pancake experience if you do not eat them immediately. So be selfish and eat your fluffy pancakes and enjoy them for yourself because this is one of those rare instances that the gram is NOT worth it! 

Thank you for having me over Fufú Café and letting me eat my fill of fluffy Soufflé pancakes. They were absolutely delicious and I expect myself to be back very soon! 


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