Thursday 26 September 2019

Pampering myself with a pedicure from Onyx Aesthetics

I am drained, exhausted and overworked, so it was high time that I treated myself to something nice. I booked myself in for a pedicure at my favourite nail salon in Gastown: Onyx AestheticsI love getting my nails buffed, shaped and painted, but if I had to pick between a manicure or pedicure, I will always choose the latter. 

For pedicures, you get to sit in a comfy chair with lots of cute cushions and have a technician massage and scrub your feet until they are supple and smooth. Plus lets be real, pedicures last forever. I swear the polish on my toes will last for months, never chipping, just grows out. 

The technicians at Onyx Aesthetics are experts so your toes are in good hands. All pedicures include cuticle care, scrub, filing and polish. 

I have had pedicures at numerous salons, yet I find myself returning to Onyx Aesthetics because they prioritize hygiene and cleanliness:

• Water baths are lined with plastic and are discarded after each client
• Tools are sanitized in a medical-grade autoclave
• Disposable grit strips are used to remove the dead skin from your feet. 
• Chairs are sanitized after each client

No pedicure is truly complete without a good foot scrub. Onyx Aesthetics is the ONLY place that I have been to in Vancouver that uses disposable grit strips. I cannot believe other salons just "clean" foot files because there is no way all the dead skin can be removed from the grit. The other nice thing about disposable strips is that they have various grits, so the technician can select the most appropriate level of grit. My feet are quite soft to begin with so for me, the technician generally uses the polishing grit as the stronger grits are far too abrasive for my feet. 

It has taken me years to realize that I rather spend a little extra to receive a service from a trained professional with sanitized instruments because foot fungus is not a joke! If I really think about it, Onyx Aesthetics is quite competitively priced. Their regular polish pedicure is a 45-minute service for $50. Not to mention the peace of mind knowing Onyx Aesthetics is serious about hygiene is priceless. 

My go-to colour for my toes is a light sky blue, but I thought I would change things up a bit and go for this lilac. The lilac is cute, but I think I am going to stick to sky blue in the future. At Onyx Aesthetics, their polish is primarily from CND. I did not know about CND until I started getting my nails done at Onyx, but it turns out, CND is the company that first engineered and sold the "shellac" system. Since the polish on my toes hardly ever chips, I usually just opt for the cheaper air dry normal polish aka CND Vinylux. More and more salons in Vancouver are beginning to carry the CND brand, but Onyx Aesthetics is proud to be the first salon as well as official CND partner which means they have every colour imaginable from CND. 

I am open to checking out other salons too. Sometimes it is fun to change things up - but toes will be returning to blue! - so if there is a salon in the Lower Mainland that has skilled technicians, competitive pricing and is serious about hygiene, let me know in the comments below!


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