Wednesday 13 May 2020

Vancouver Mural Festival 2020 Spreads the Message of Unity and Physical Distancing

Artist: Benjamin T. Stone
I finally had a chance to head by Robson Street to check out all the murals for Vancouver Mural Fest 2020. Glad that I did because the next morning, crews had started dismantling the storefront covers in preparation for the reopening. In my opinion, Vancouver is lifting its social distancing measures in a haste. Vancouverites have already been the mockery of Canada for flaunting their freedom by flocking in troves to beaches and parks. With only warmer and nicer days ahead, I can only imagine the crowds that will be forming along Robson Street. I digress. 

I must say, the 2020 murals are by far my favourite. I love the colour choices and the collective message of strength and unity. This is why I am extremely bummed that these murals are not going to be permanent fixtures in Vancouver. I feel like a lot of the murals from years prior are too "graffiti" in style for me or strongly connected to Native American Art which I also do not relate with. This year's pieces we can all relate to and understand! 

Vancouver Mural Festival 2020 #MakeArtWhileApart
I did not get a chance to wander down to Gastown which also has several stores boarded up and painted over with murals. There is this egg one on a dark blue background that is really cute as well as comic book superheroes in PPE like Superwoman and Spiderman. As well as the amazing portrait of Dr. Bonny Henry. Also along South Granville are some wicked large scale murals too. 

Art is SUBJECTIVE; therefore, these are solely my own OPINIONS. My likes and dislikes are my own. 

There are so many I love, but if I had to pick a couple from Robson Street:

• Katie So (@ghostmeadow) the black and white plant against a soft pink background 

• Ciele Beau (@cielebeau) the Basic B*tch Alien with "You're doing amazing sweetie" which gave me major Kris Jenner vibes. If you know, you will know

• Tierney Milne (@tierneymilne) "Ca Va Bien Aller" in gorgeous bright colours against white

• Benjamin T. Stone (@benjamintstone) "Pulling Through Together" depicting healthcare workers in PPE pulling a rope in unison

I would love to hear from you in the comments if there is a mural in Vancouver that you really love from this year's mural festival. Also, I tried to find the names of all the artists for each mural, but could not for all, so if you know who the artist is, please put it in the comments for me too!


Artist: Lukas Lundberg (@luke046_art)

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