Friday 3 July 2020

CANADA Day 2020 was super weird


Can you believe it, Canada Day just happened, yet it does not feel like it. I guess without the parades, outdoor festivities, Canada Place concerts, fireworks and park/beach barbeques, July 1st just seemed like another normal day of the year. 

Canada Day is my favourite statutory holiday and is the only stat day I refuse to work. For me, Canada Day is a full day of fun. I head downtown early and wander the streets and seawall bouncing from one celebration to the next. There are so many fun and exciting things to do! If you ask me to name my one favourite thing about Canada Day, I would most likely prattle off an entire list because how can I just pick one.
Where do I even start, wandering the length of the seawall from the Westin Bay Shore to Canada Place. Checking out the flagship Roots store on Robson Street because they usually have fun Canada-themed decorations. I usually skip the parade because I do not like big crowds, but am willing to brave them for the fireworks. I usually drop in on a friend's barbeque and walk around barefoot in the green grass at the park near Yaletown. And how can I forget the Granville Island Ferries. I feel like Canada is the one time of year I take them. I generally take it from Yaletown to Granville Island and after some exploring, I return to Yaletown on the ferry boats. The ferries are definitely a favourite on Canada Day because the lines are massive.

My Roots Blazon T-Shirt has almost become my official uniform for Canada Day including the days leading up. In fact, are you even Canadian if you do not wear Roots or any other Made In Canada clothing? What I love about the Blazon T-shirt, aside from it being Made in Canada, is that despite the numerous washes over several years, the red colour is as vibrant as ever and has not bled into the white. Plus the cotton is super thick and feels soft against my skin. There are other pieces in their Made in Canada collection, some of which I have included below, but I think the Blazon T-shirt is my favourite. I am not the only one who pulls out this iconic t-shirt for Canada Day, @itsjosheats too loves it! 

Also, I am not sponsored or in any way affiliated with Roots. I just happen to be obsessed with their Made In Canada collection. 


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