Tuesday 29 September 2020

Dip & Sip Cocktail Mixers for a night in


Craft Cocktails are all the rage and I just cannot seem to get enough. I have found some amazing bars in Vancouver that serve up delicious concoctions with the right amount of buzz at the end, but sometimes I just want to lounge on the couch at home in my sweats and watch Netflix. I have been trying to make cocktails at home, but it is hard and it requires a lot of syrups, ingredients and bitters. I am trying out some cocktail pre-mixes and the first two are from Dip & Sip, a Vancouver-based company run by the cutest French women, Claire! 

Claire focuses on sourcing the best possible ingredients and when possible to use local and organic. I picked up two kits, the Paloma Blast and the Cinnamon Old Fashioned. The Paloma Blast is a combination of organic raspberry balsamic shrub, grapefruit juice and house-made lime cordial. It is best paired with Tequila or Mezcal. This is a very grapefruit forward mix with some added sweetness from the raspberry, but mostly a tart drink. Claire even threw in her Hibiscus Sugar to rim my glasses. This is when I discovered that I absolutely suck at using the sugar and made a massive mess all over my glass. 

My favourite ended up being the Cinnamon Old Fashioned. It is and forever will be marvellous. The mixer is concocted with Orange juice, organic maple syrup, house-made organic cinnamon syrup, house-made organic rosemary syrup and sparkling water. Orange juice is my favourite type of juice and mixed with the syrups gave it a lovely sweetness, but then the addition of cinnamon is what really made this mixer pop for me. The cinnamon-infused syrup gave the drink a nuttiness, a spicy depth and really just kicked things up a notch. The Cinnamon Old Fashioned pairs well with Whiskey, but I also made it with sparkling water for a refreshing afternoon mocktail. 

I love supporting local businesses and especially those run-by female baddies. Dip & Sip is also on Doordash for when you want a cocktail at night. 

This is my first time trying to photograph cocktails and I think it turned out alright. The lighting was challenging and I made a massive mess, but I would say a C+. 



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