Wednesday 9 September 2020

Punch Studio gives me a Hair Transformation + Hair Donation

If you follow me on Instagram, then you have already seen the hair transformation I have undergone. Aimee Cox, co-owner and stylist at Punch Studio is the talented women with the scissors who took my long locks and snipped them away to give me a sleek stylish cut that I am in love with! 

Hair is a big part of my identity and I am sure it is for many of you too, so I really wanted to find someone who was going to understand me and translate my thoughts into reality. Punch Studio is a fairly new addition to Mount Pleasant and embodies all the vibes I love. From dusty rose walls to pink styling chairs facing arched mirrors, to fresh plants and fluffy Pampas lining the shelves, Punch Studio is basically a Pinterest board come to life. But what really drew me to the boutique salon was Aimee herself. 

Aimee is a wealth of knowledge in both hair and life - because stylists are practically our therapists am I right? - and being someone who craves new information, Aimee was a pleasure to chat with. 

You could call it an exaggeration, but Aimee literally gave me the best haircut of my life. She was efficient, quick and detail-oriented. My hair length is even all around, thinned in the right places and shaped to compliment my face. As a bonus, Aimee gave me a lesson in achieving that tousled hair look.

Condition your hair, from the ROOTS down to the ENDS

In addition to the stellar haircut, Aimee gave me the rundown on why I need to be conditioning all of my  hair, including the scalp. My thick hair gets oily fast. I do not mind the oil build up because it is natural and nourishes my hair, but in an effort to slow down the oil production I only condition the tips of my hair. According Aimee's extensive experience with hair, I need to add moisture back to my roots with the conditioner otherwise, my body will produce oil. It has been a few weeks since my haircut with Aimee and I have been diligently following her conditioning advice. The result - my hair is less oily! 

In total, we chopped off 12 inches of hair which I have sent to Wigs for Kids, a phenomenal organization in Vancouver that constructs wigs from donated hair for children with medical hair loss. The minimum donation length is 10 inches and there are a couple other restrictions that can be reviewed on Wigs for Kids

Do I recommend Punch Studio - YES

Aimee Cox gets a 10/10 


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