Sunday 30 August 2020

Sunflowers, Mountains & Blue Skies in Chilliwack

Being the flower obsessed person that I am, I was not about to miss out on the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival. Despite this being year 3 for the festival, this was my first time visiting. Blanketing the fields are sunflowers, but also 50 varieties of dahlias and also some gladiolas. 

When I think of Sunflowers, I picture the giant bright orangey-yellow petalled flowers with the deep brown centre that can grow 3 meters tall. At the farm, you will encounter these tall beasts plus over 25 other types of sunflowers. There were white petalled varieties to dark burnt orange purple-hued petalled sunflowers. There were sunflowers half a meter to of course the towering behemoths. 
Why are they called Sunflowers? 

From sunrise to sunset, the sunflower head follows the sun! That is right, they literally face the east at sunrise and slowly turn to the west following the sun as it moves across the sky before dipping below the horizon. 

The nice thing about this festival is that it is located out in Chilliwack. Living in Vancouver is great, but sometimes I just want to get away from the crowds and noise of traffic. The fields of flowers are nestled amongst the mountains which make a stunning backdrop in the pictures. 

The 2020 Chilliwack Sunflower Festival has made a couple of changes to ensure everyone's safety as we still try to navigate through this Pandemic. Field capacity has been capped at 25%, ample hand sanitation stations have been set up throughout the fields and tickets must be purchased online for 1-hour blocks. 

Chilliwack Sunflower Festival August 12 to September 7, 2020



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