Tuesday 8 December 2020

Determined to win a Holiday Giveaway

It is the holidays which means there are so many amazing giveaways to enter. In the past I have entered the occasional giveaway, but have never won any of them. This year, I am determined to win at least ONE of the holiday giveaways. I am going to be entering holiday giveaways that are being hosted on Instagram. 

My strategy:

• Enter as many giveaways possible

That basically sums up my plan to win a giveaway. Hahaha Usually the winner is selected at random, so there is not very much I can do to increase my chances of winning. I can enter several times, but I do not know how my friends are going to feel about being tagged in so many posts. By the end of the holidays, my friends may just end up blocking me so we shall see! 

The Prize I want to win the most is the Ultimate Fairmont Hotel Experience!!

This is part of The Daily Hive Vancouver's 12 Days of Giveaways and it would be a dream to win. You got to stay at not one, but TWO iconic Fairmont Hotel properties. A night at the stunning Hotel Vancouver and then you get to go on a helicopter ride with Helijet to the Fairmont Empress in Victoria! If I win this, I will probably pass out from shock and simultaneously pee myself from the excitement. 

Also, I will ONLY be entering giveaways that interest me. I will not be entering giveaways for products or experiences that I do not actually want. It would be selfish and mean of me to do so because I would be taking a prize away from an entrant who genuinely wanted the gift pack. 

I also thought it would be amusing to keep track of all giveaways I enter. It is not as easy to keep track because I have entered so many, so I am going to post some of them, but not all. 



January 3, 2021 UPDATE: I did not win any of the giveaways I entered. 

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