Monday 7 December 2020

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Hype is REAL - Now in Richmond BC!

The HYPE is REAL! Popeyes' Spicy Chicken Sandwich is DELICIOUS. 

Popeyes Chicken came to Metro Vancouver a couple of years ago. The Port Coquitlam location was the first to open back in December 2018, but it is far from where I live. Two more locations followed, Langley and Surrey, but again, I was not willing to make the trek that far. Clearly Popeyes' was upset that I had not come to visit them because their newest location opened a minutes drive away from my house. At this point, it would have been cruel not to give Popeyes Louisiana Style Chicken a try.

I went on day number two, December 2, 2020, of the Richmond Popeyes' opening and I have to commend the Popeyes team's efficiency. Despite the line extending far beyond the front door, I made it to the front in no time and within minutes of placing my order, I was heading to my car with bag of Popeyes Chicken in hand. So do not let the long lines deter you because Popeyes' Richmond have picked an amazing team!

The chicken sandwich is damn good! A soft buttery brioche that springs back at the touch is the base of the sandwich and for extra flavour, the bun is toasted. An all-white fried chicken breast is the star of this sandwich and let me just tell you, it is thick, juicy and oh so yummy. The sandwiches travel really well. The breading remained crispy, so with every bite you get a satisfying crunch. The chicken is marinated in Louisinia spices which gives this sandwich flavour and the savoury taste lingers in your mouth after each bite. The finishing touches to the sandwich are a couple of thick cut barrel-cured pickles and a generous spread of mayo, classic or spicy depending on which sandwich you order. I personally found the spicy mayo aka the Spicy Chicken Sandwich to be far superior to the classic. 

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Popeyes is obviously the golden child, the star and most beloved. Full of amazing Louisinia spiced goodness, so consider me confused at bland and downright flavourless the sides are at Popeyes. I just mean, the macaroni & cheese was completely devoid of cheese flavour?! The coleslaw was crispy and good sized pieces, but was sugary and basically the opposite of what I look fo in my coleslaw. The mashed potato with cajun gravy aesthetically was not cute to look at. I feel like the spices in the gravy were overkill. The Red Beans & Rice ended up being my favourite of the four sides because there was flavour, but it was in the form of copious amounts of salt. 

Popeyes' Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a huge win for me! Well deserving of all the hype, clout following and media attention. It really is a game changer to the world of chicken sandwiches. Would I drive to the outskirts of Metro Vancouver for it? Probably not, but I would drive to the one next to my house. 


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