Friday 19 March 2021

Feast for the Eyes - The Story of Food in Photography only at The Polygon Gallery

I love food because it is for much more than just the fuel for our bodies. Food brings us together as a society, a common uniter over which we share stories and create new memories. We mark celebrations and milestones like birthdays with food - PTL just turned 6 years old and you bet I treated myself to cake! Feast for the Eyes: The Story of Food in Photography combines my two loves, food and photography and is available for public viewing at the Polygon Gallery until May 30, 2021. Admission is by donation. 

The exhibition is divided into three themes. "Still Life" is the classic display of food. Acclaimed artists the likes of Matisse and Van Gogh come to mind. "Around the Table" looks at how we as humans interact with food whether it be social gatherings or sharing of food. The final portion of the exhibit was my favourite of the three, "Playing with Food." Going beyond just capturing food as food, but turning it into pieces of art, humour and irony.  

This was my first time visiting the Polygon Gallery. It was far smaller than I anticipated, so the exhibition is not very large. I was hoping for more commercial work that was quirky and unique. Dramatic bold works of art with interesting compositions or out of the box concepts, but there were only a few such examples. What I was not prepared for was the massive collection of vintage weight watchers recipe cards which literally featured way too many savoury jellied meals for one's comfort. I mean jellied salmon salad anyone? 

The Double Mona Lisa Duo (Peanut Butter & Jelly) by Vik Munez is fabulous. Louvre is seriously missing out by not having this work of art hanging on their walls. The Peluqueria, Limones by Ouka Leele is perfection because the women's expression is perfection. She looks sour and puckered from what I can only imagine is lemonade she is sipping through the red and white striped straw. 

Before you leave the gallery, you must take a moment to browse The Polygon Shop. For the duration of the Feast for the Eyes exhibit, The Feast Shop has a curated selection of local yummy treats. You will find Mumgry, the nutritious peanut butter that Vancouver hipsters cannot get enough of as well as jams and preserves by Livia which I cannot get enough of! Lots of food photography books to flip through and lovely gift ideas like food themed puzzles. 

Also, you might want to swing by Nemesis Coffee which is housed within the Polygon Gallery because the stuffed dessert croissants are exquisite and a work of art in their own rights. The Polygon Gallery is on the North Shore adjacent to the Lonsdale Quay with the most spectacular view of the water and Downtown Vancouver on the horizon. 


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