Monday 5 April 2021

Douce Diner scoops out Banana Splits in a retro 50's aesthetic space

My craving for the 1950's diner experience is real! The era was all about the bright hued interiors, penny tiles, cushioned booths, neon signs, and Roc'n Roll. Douce Diner has brought the classic Americana vibe north of the border to the North Shore and needless to say, they nailed the 50's era vibe! 

Douce Diner checks off so many boxes for me with their Pink, Mint and Yellow colour palette, to the intricate penny tiled flooring and the neon pink "Hello Sunshine" sign that overlooks the space. Douce Diner have struck the perfect balance between contemporary and retro. 

Owner Dawn Doucette is a ray of sunshine herself, but she is not one to be underestimated. Dawn headed Earl's culinary development program and was also a competitor on Top Chef Canada's 2014 season. Needless to say, Dawn is a force in the kitchen, so it comes as no surprise that the food at Douce Diner is delicious. There are burgers, shakes and fries, classic American Diner grub, with a touch of flair courtesy of Dawn. 

I knew I would be concluding my meal with Douce Diner's iconic Banana Split, but I needed to have "real food" before I could get to dessert. I went with the Breakfast Sammy and added on avocado and country ham because I was feeling fancy. Between a toasted buttered brioche bun came a fried egg - yolk still runny! - vintage cheddar, arugula and smoked paprika aioli. I switched the hash brown for the side salad because vegetables are important. My dining companion loved the Breakfast Sammy because you can never go wrong with rich buttery goodness slathered between carbs and definitely go with the avocado as it gives the sandwich a lovely creaminess. 

Despite it being 10:30 AM, we felt lunch was not far too off, so it seemed socially acceptable to order the Double Douce Burger because how can you resist two meaty natural Beretta beef patties separated by vintage cheddar all on a toasted brioche bun with house zucchini & red onion pickles, shredded iceberg and special sauce. Unlike me, my friend filled the space on his plate with shoestring fries which were perfection. I really loved the pickled zucchini and its not something I have had before! 

The Banana Split was STUNNING. Nestled between caramelized bananas are three scoops of vanilla gelato with the three classic toppings: chocolate fudge, strawberry compote, and crushed pineapple. Toasted coconut strips are added as garnish as well as the most generous mound of whipped cream all before the single ionic red cherry. 

100% will return for the Banana Split. 

If it were not for financial constraints, I totally would have ordered Douce's Hand Spun Milk Shakes with malt. I also want to try Douce Diner's Homemade Granola, the Waffle - comes with seasonal competition and house vanilla crème fraiche - The Panko Crust Chicken Sammy and Douce Diner's French Toast. The lemon curd makes several appearances on the menu, so I can only imagine how delicious it must be. Oh and I need the pink beanie too ughhhhh



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