Tuesday 6 April 2021

Indoor dining in BC temporarily banned March 29th to April 19th, 2021

The announcement of all indoor dining being suspended effective midnight Monday March 29th came as no surprise because the Covid-19 cases in BC have surged. Unfortunately, the ban on indoor dining, group fitness classes and Whistler Backcomb ski resort negatively impacts a huge number of small businesses in BC. The current emergency closure is in place until April 19, 2021, and there is very good possibility that it will get extended. 

In my opinion, the "circuit breaker" as put by BC health was not well implemented. Restauranteurs and employees hardly had any time to plan or make alternative arrangements. Literally they had less than 12 hours notice! The restaurants with patio and outdoor seating are lucky because the health order specifically prohibits indoor seating, not outdoor or patio dining. However, since BC is a temperate rainforest, we get several months of dreary rainy weather, so it is understandable why many restaurants only have indoor seating. 

So this temporary ban most definitely resulted in financial loss for many restaurants. All the perishable food that the restaurants must have ordered thinking they would be serving a dining room of patrons most likely has gone to unnecessary waste. Employees that were scheduled for shifts are now missing out on those hours. 

This health order really has taken BC by surprise, but what I was not expecting was a couple of Vancouver businesses publicly going against it. The owner of Curduroy Lounge in Kitsilano has been particularly vocal about the unfairness of the situation. Gusto A Taste of Italy in Olympic Village also chose to continue serving patrons indoors. Both establishments have been shutdown by Vancouver Coastal Health until further notice. I think it is fair to say that the year long pandemic has taken a toll on everyone. I understand their frustration, but I do not think it is okay to ignore the rules. 

I know BC's doctors are trying their best to keep citizens safe, but the closures have been targeted at only a few industries. Has anyone been past their nearest Costco, Walmart or other big box grocer? It is insanity in those large chain grocery stores! Costco is doing a terrible job at managing the number of shoppers inside because it is as crazy as usual in there. Walmart is basically a free for all with no sort of management of shoppers entering. 

Perhaps it would be better if the health order included all non-essential businesses because targeting a select few industries makes it only feel more unfair. 

With all the new restrictions in place, food is my saviour! There are so many amazing delicious offerings in Vancouver. When it comes to take out, I avoid fine dining because the higher price is inclusive of the dining experience. I go for grab and go or simpler take out spots. Also, I choose restaurants that are smaller, family-owned and that may not have the finances for fancy marketing or part of a large restaurant group. 

The Federal Store

Basil Pasta Bar

Le Marche St. George

Bubble Queen

The Lazy Gourmet Commissary Kitchen Kitsilano - Cham Cham & 3 other Mexican Food

Nero Belgium Waffles



This is just a small list. There are so many restaurants in Vancouver that deserve exposure. Let me know which others I should add!


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